Thursday, 30 March 2017

March Loves

This month was a very beauty orientated month in terms of my favourites! It's a real mix from skincare, to fragrance, to beauty tools and makeup, so I'll just get to it:

The Body Shop Rose Plumping Mask has been tending to my dry skin throughout this month - I've been using it on a twice-weekly basis and I think it's the only thing preventing my skin from becoming paper right now! I've raved about how much I love this mask several times since I purchased it last year, so I'll leave a link to this post which goes into a bit more detail. 

This month has been the month of fresher Spring fragrances for me, and I've fallen back in love with my Jo Malone Cologne in Peony & Blush Suede. It's such a beautifully soft scent, and peonies are my favourite (how very blogger of me!), so this fragrance is incredibly uplifting to wear. Again, I wrote a post dedicated to my favourite Spring scents which I'll link here.

I've been keeping my eyeshadow really simple this month, opting for one shade all over the lid, a little mascara and nothing else. The shadows that I've found work wonders for this sort of look are the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Hymalia and Dione. They pack on super intense pigment, so my eye look doesn't look sparse or incomplete - but they're really quick and easy to apply and blend. I love them so much that I wrote a whole post on them - you might have caught that earlier this month, but I'll link it here just in case you missed it.

In terms of beauty tools, I was kindly sent the SoEco Rose Gold Blush Brush* which has quickly become a favourite over my usual Mac 129 Blush Brush. I love how soft the bristles are - not to mention the fact that the handle has rose gold accents and looks stunning next to all of my Zoeva brushes! It's incredibly affordable as well, so I'm keen to have a look at the rest of the range from SoEco for some new face brushes. 

Speaking of blush, I've been reaching for my Hourglass Edit Palette a lot recently which I've spoken about to death. However, on days when I'm opting for quick and easy cream based makeup (let me know if you'd like a post on this!), the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach has been an absolute dream. The colour is fresh, dewy and light - it adds highlight to my skin as well so I don't need to add any more. It also blends gorgeously over foundation and concealer without dragging product with it. Definitely a pricier option, but when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury, it's usually worth it.

What have been your March favourites?

*gifted sample

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Trying Out The Skinny Coffee Club

I'm not really one to try out diet fads. The diet industry in undoubtedly a huge one, and one that generates a lot of money, with lots of us eager to shed those few extra pounds. However, a few weeks ago I was contacted by Skinny Coffee Club* to try out their 28 Day Program and I was really intrigued. I'd never seen a 'weight-loss' program that involved drinking coffee, and seeing as it's something I do every morning anyway, I agreed to give it a go. I wanted to write this post (before I begin) and one more (once the program is completed - if I make it there!). 

The idea is definitely more fun than other dieting programs I've seen in the past. It claims to help you look visibly thinner within one week, with increased energy levels and a radiant glow. The website is full of transformations from people being on this program, and apparently the brand is trusted by over 75,000 people to aid with their weight loss goals. All of this for a cup of magic coffee a day - sounds too good to be true!  

I was a little delayed to start my program as you need coffee filter paper which I didn't have. It's all loose coffee and I usually use about a teaspoon for a mug of coffee. My initial thoughts are that the coffee isn't great, but then again, it's not awful. If you're drinking it for it's purpose then it's actually not too bad. I'm going to try it out for the month and see how I feel at the end of each week. If the difference is significant, I'll probably write up a blog post, but otherwise I'll keep you all updated on Instagram - you can follow me here.

I know this product is definitely a controversial one - lots of people are divided in what they believe when it comes to 'diet plans'. However, I'm all for trying things out and giving everything a go - although I'm not overweight, I would love to lose a few pounds before the summer, and if this will help then I'm totally up for it!

 Have you tried the Skinny Coffee Club Program?
*PR sample

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Five Blogging Hacks

I was having a good think over the past week of what to post today when I thought I should do a blogging related post. I've been blogging for about a year and a half now and I've definitely picked up a few tricks and good habits along the way. I thought I'd share a few of them today - they vary from photography, to writing, to organizing - I hope you find them useful! 

1. Keep a stock photography folder.
I always keep a folder full of my own stock images taken during blog photography shoots just in case I'm ever in the situation where I want to write a post but I can't take any photography for it. Usually these images are ones that would work for multiple different blog post content, maybe with a lipstick or two or a coffee and some books. Having some bright, beautiful - but neutral - backup images can really help on days when taking photographs is just not an option.

2. Have a 'blog ideas' list on hand.
Mine is more of a journal. I like to keep separate sections for different post ideas, whether it's lifestyle, beauty, blogging, health, food... I even have ones for Blogmas! I like to keep my blog as organized as possible so that it remains a hobby and doesn't become stressful. That's another thing - the minute blogging becomes a cause for anxiety, I like to take a step back. I always want it to be something I enjoy, and so keeping a bank full of ideas for when I want to write but I'm lacking inspiration has been a really useful habit for me.

3. Keep the packaging of pretty products.
When pretty makeup products run out (its often a sad day), I like to keep the packaging in my blog prop drawer. This works really well with compacts and lipstick tubes, when you want to add an extra prop to an image. The more props you have, the better variety for your images - so keeping everything, even when it runs out, really helps. This is especially true for limited edition products, when you can't just run out and grab another one!

4. Stay true to yourself.
We all know that it's so easy to compare yourself with other bloggers, to the point where blogging becomes less fun. There are definitely tips that I pick up from my favourite bloggers but I try my best never to compare. Lots of them have had years more experience than me, and I can see the progress I've made in the short time I've been doing it. I know I'll get to a point where I'm thrilled with my blog at some point, even if it's not just yet. I'm working on it, as well as enjoying the process - and that's what is important. Your blog becomes so much more special when it reflects you.

5. Have a schedule.
I've been posting three times a week ever since I started blogging but there have been times where it's got difficult. I've managed to pull through but usually I'm not thrilled with the content when I'm under pressure to get it posted (as would be expected). I've been wondering whether to go down to twice a week, and I may or may not do it, but what I do know is that a schedule helps me stay on top of posting. If I have an organised schedule, I can plan my posts around that weeks in advance and have it all in front of me. It's definitely something I recommend!

What are your favourite blogging hacks?


Thursday, 23 March 2017

My Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Like everyone I know, I have been utterly smitten with the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick line ever since she launched her first few shades as part of her makeup brand. They are very luxurious lipsticks, so buying one is definitely a personal splurge, but I've collected a small handful now so I thought I'd share the shades I have and love in this blog post. I've actually since purchased the shade Love Liberty as well, but it's yet to arrive, so it hasn't been featured here (but I'm sure you'll see it in a post sometime soon!). On a side note, my lips are exceptionally dry right now because of Accutane, so I've had to apply Vaseline before doing the lip swatches. My lips do look awful right now, but I always prefer seeing colours on the lips as opposed to on my arm, so that's why I've done them anyway! 

My most recent lipstick purchase was the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection Lipstick in Super Cindy. This shade is inspired by Cindy Crawford, a beautiful luminous matte nude shade with peach-brown undertones. I like putting a light layer of this on for a really fresh, neutral lip option throughout Spring. It is quite matte, but because I've had to put Vaseline on underneath, it does look a little glossier in the swatch. 

Charlotte Tilbury Super Cindy Lipstick

The next shade is one I love to reach for if I'm in the mood for some pink. It's the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection Lipstick in Secret Salma, inspired by Salma Hayek. It's a gorgeous deep, rose pink which compliments so many skin tones and really works with both neutral and dramatic eye looks. Again, it's more matte by itself but because of Vaseline...well, you get the idea. 

Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma Lipstick

I have been raving about the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk, to the point where I've even bought a backup for when my first tube runs out! It's honestly my perfect nude lip - a my lips but better matte which works well with everything. I love this shade, and I know that as soon as I'm off Accutane, I will be able to love it even more. I do hope it's not limited edition because I can see this being a serious long-term favourite. I'm actually giving a brand new tube of this shade away on my Instagram, so if you'd like to be in with a chance of winning, check out the post over there.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Red Carpet Red was my first ever Charlotte Tilbury splurge and I've had it for a while. It's a very classic red, bright, vibrant and a real statement lip. The colour is rich in pigment, it doesn't fade easily and it wears beautifully. Definitely an evening shade for me, and an all time favourite red.

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red Lipstick

I love the formula of all of these lipsticks, they honestly are such beautiful pieces that are worth every penny to me. They are definitely a sparing purchase, but I treasure them a lot. I know there are so many more shades that I want to try but for now, I'm happy with the little collection I have, and I feel like each shade works for me. I tend to opt for nudes and pinks because they're the most wearable shades for me - but in my opinion - whether you're looking for a bright shade or a neutral shade - Charlotte Tilbury is definitely the Queen of lipstick.

Have you tried any from the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick range?
 Which are your favourite shades?


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Three Spring Scents

Spring time is always so special for so many different reasons - but I'm definitely all for the fresh scents, the flowers and the colour. I wrote a post on Sunday dedicated to my favourite Spring fashion picks, so today I thought I'd talk a little about my top three Spring fragrances this year. I don't have an extremely vast perfume collection because I'm very picky when it comes to scent - and these three have ticked all of the boxes so they're absolute firm favourites.

I think fragrance is one of those products that you need to invest in. Usually the more expensive a perfume is, the higher the concentration of the key note ingredients. It also means your scent will usually last a lot longer, and the perfume scent itself will stay true and not change over time (providing that the bottle is kept in the right conditions). All three of the scents that I'm featuring in this post are investments, but they're ones that I've loved for a while and they last really well. I know all three of these are ones that I'd happily purchase over and over again.

Firstly - and I've mentioned this perfume on my blog before - Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is a scent that screams Springtime. It's extremely floral, as the name suggests, and looks stunning on a dressing table. The notes are centifolia rose, India osmanthus, catleya orchid and sambac jasmine - if you love floral bouquets, you'll love this fragrance. 

The other two scents I wanted to mention in this post are both from Jo Malone. I've loved Jo Malone for a couple of years now, and there are some really stand-out scents in their range. They're all extremely long lasting - I remember spritzing my wrist in duty free and the fragrance still lingering for hours the next day when I landed across the other side of the pond! The two I tend to reach for the most throughout Spring are English Pear & Freesia - a beautifully crisp, fruity scent with a slight floral edge, and Peony & Blush Suede - a softer scent with notes of red apple, jasmine, rose and gillyflower.  Both of these are really stunning options for a Springtime fragrance, with flowers, fruits and pretty bottles - they're just the whole package!

What are your favourite Springtime fragrances?

Sunday, 19 March 2017

My ASOS Spring Wishlist

There have been so many gorgeous Spring trends floating around after London Fashion Week! What makes them even better is that lots of them have been incorporated into high street fashion, which makes them much more affordable for people like me. ASOS is probably the sight which causes the most damage to my bank balance, but I almost always so thrilled with the pieces I find, and their selection of styles is incredibly vast... I could spend hours on there! For today's post, I thought I'd put together a little board of some of the pieces that I've been coveting for Spring.

Lace seems to make an appearance every Spring, and the white shirt is always a classic - but these two styles combined are just perfect. Ruffles and layered sleeves have been a huge trend lately, so when I saw this beautiful white ruffle sleeve lace blouse, it went straight into my love list. When you combine cream ruffles with stripes, it becomes such a beautiful twist on two classics - so this striped frilled shirt is another gorgeous alternative.

Speaking of ruffles, I found this little pink blouse in the sale and I'm waiting for my size to come back in stock. It's such a beautiful shade of pink (always a favourite for Spring), and the sleeves make it just that little bit extra feminine. Another stunning pink sale pick is this embellished knit from Miss Selfridge at ASOS, the detail on the front is so intricate and special - it would be a lovely piece for a smart-casual do. 

Speaking of embellished, I recently discovered Maya at ASOS - a brand that makes beautiful jewelled, sequinned and beaded party pieces for really affordable prices. I've bought a couple of stunning dresses from them already, but this periwinkle blue beaded dress is another one that I keep going back to. The dress paired with these gem drop earrings... such a sparkling Spring combo!

Another trend that I have fallen head over heels in love with, is the embroidery trend. And it's even better that nearly everything has some sort of embroidery on it, it's come in to the high street with a bang! These embroidered mom jeans are beautiful, and they'd make a real statement with one of the white blouses and some classic flats. This neon pink embroidered bag has also been on my wishlist for a while - it's definitely a love-or-hate item, but I think it's such a statement and really fun for summer. I also mentioned these pointed embroidered sandals in a tweet a couple of weeks back (and I've since bought them), but aren't they just stunning?! Another bold piece for a spring summer wardrobe update.  

Have you been lusting after anything on ASOS recently? 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

An H&M Home Haul

My love affair with homeware is no secret - and I get incredibly excited when I find gorgeous new pieces at affordable prices. One such place is definitely H&M Home. The range changes each season with new home accents and decor which are completely on trend, yet without the steep price tag. I went on a little browsing spree a few weeks ago and bought a few new pieces from their website - a because they're so beautiful, I thought I'd show you what I chose. 

When bloggers write up their H&M Home Hauls, one of the bits you're almost guaranteed to see are a couple of metallic mugs (and I'm no different). The quality of the mugs is fantastic, they're white porcelain, medium sized and they come in a lovely range of different designs. The newest pattern that H&M have released for this season has been gold feathers, so I chose two mugs with golden feathers around the base - aren't they just stunning?! 

Of course, to match the mugs, I needed saucers, and H&M just happened to have the perfect ones. Again, white porcelain, decently sized and they work well as general plates as well if you're not wanting the mugs. They're also half covered in golden feathers, with a soft golden rim around the edge. It's such an elegant collection, and for the price, it certainly looks like it's worth a lot more than I paid for it!

Speaking of golden rims, I saw these beautiful little ridged glass tealight votives which I instantly fell in love with. I've seen several bloggers mention the drinking glass version of these which is what I was actually after, but as those were out of stock, I decided to settle for these smaller jars. I don't actually use them for burning tealights - I've found that they're the perfect size to store pretty lipsticks and little trinkets so that's what I'll keep these beauties for.

Last but not least, I'm sure you might have seen this golden feather (there's really a theme going on here, isn't it?) trivet around on lots of Instagram feeds. It's such a perfect blog prop and table accessory, so I'm happy that I picked it up. What made it even better was that it was in the sale - I think I managed to get it for around £3 - but that does mean it's probably selling out fast, so grab one while you can!

Have you seen the new H&M Home range?


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mid Week Makeup

I've been keeping it really light with the makeup recently, instead focusing on an intense, hydrating skincare routine to combat my dry skin. I'm actually really enjoying the feel of light makeup on my skin, with only a handful of products on my face so it doesn't feel weighed down. Here's are some of the products that I've been using lately:

For my base, I've actually been skipping foundation altogether and going straight for concealer. I use a little more than usual, but it feels like good coverage without feeling too heavy on my face. My favourite is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard which gives just the right amount of coverage without caking or creasing on the skin.

It's no surprise that some Charlotte Tilbury is making it's way into my makeup routine, I think it's been a long time since I haven't had at least one of her products on my face! The Filmstar Bronze and Glow is such a beautiful light sculpting option, just to add a bit more dimension to my face without a full blown out contour. 

My love for the Colourpop Supershock Eyeshadow in Amaze has been rekindled after finding it in my makeup drawers last month. It's a beautifully pigmented, champagne shimmer which lasts a really long time and can easily be worn on its own blended in with a nice buffing brush (I highly recommend the Zoeva eye brushes, they're all I've been using lately!).

I'm also revisiting certain products that I haven't reached for in a while, mainly the Rimmel London Kate Lipstick in Boho Nude. It's such a beautiful peachy nude that definitely hasn't been used enough until recently. I actually posted a full review of these lipsticks and their formula last summer, so I'll link that here.

What makeup products have you been reaching for lately? 


Sunday, 12 March 2017

The So...? Fragrance Body Mists

I'm sure lots of you have probably tried or remember So...? Fragrance from your teenage days, I know I used to carry a bottle of So...? Eternal in my gym bag around school! That's why when I was contacted to try out the brand's new launch of some body mists, I had a real blast from the past. However, this new line is totally different from what I remember the brand to be - the packaging is super fun, colourful and cute, with lightweight bottles and pretty patterns. The scent range is really wide, from Musk to Vanilla Milkshake, so there's something for every mood and every taste.

If you watched my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, you will have seen my first impressions of the So...? Body Mists* when I first opened up the package. There are twelve scents in the range which is quite a lot of choice for a body mist range: six scents are sold in Superdrug and six scents are sold in Boots. I've been trying these mists out over the past few weeks, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts on them in this post. 

They are definitely all very summery, with the packaging also aimed at warmer months when you'd be reaching for body mists for a quick burst of fragrance out and about in the sun. Of course, they are body mists, so the fragrance won't last all that long... but there's lots in the bottle to top up your fragrance throughout the day. I've tried four out of the range: 

Vanilla Milkshake: an incredibly sweet scent, with notes of sweet vanilla, peach and plum. 

Iced Melon: my favourite out of the ones I've tried - it's also definitely the fruitiest, and those are the kinds of fragrances that I'm drawn to.

Floriental: a subtle, everyday fragrance which is light and floral. It's perfect for a pick-me-up.

Musk: the deepest and strongest scent from the four, it's definitely for those who prefer richer sandalwood scents.

Each bottle is said to have up to 600 sprays, and they are very light and easy to carry around in a handbag. They retail at £3.99 each which I think is incredibly affordable for the amount of product you get and the scent variety to choose from.  

Have you tried the So...? Body Mists?

*PR samples

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Two Treats From Nars

Around three years ago, I went through a bit of a makeup phase where pretty much everything I used or had in my collection was from NARS. They were the brand that did it all - gorgeous pigmented blushers which came in a variety of stunning shades, beautiful creamy highlighters and the perfect lip range. They are still one of my most favourite makeup brands to date (my NARS Sheer Glow and Creamy Concealer never stray too far). However, I've discovered my new obsession from the brand... their eyeshadows. 

I know I'm quite late to this party as NARS eyeshadows have been popular favourites for ages. I've never really been one to try single eyeshadows that much because I feel that many palettes have a whole selection of shades for a really cost-effective price. I usually opt for brands like Tarte or Lorac, but for some reason NARS never really made it on my list. That was until I saw the pigmentation and colour selection of these: the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows

The pigmentation and sparkle of these shadows is incredible, yet there's hardly any fallout as you might expect with a sparkly shadow. I chose to get Himaliya, a beautiful gilded gold shade, and Dione, a stunning cool toned silver. You can apply them dry for a softer, shimmery wash of colour (which is still incredibly pigmented) - or you can apply them wet which instantly amps them up and intensifies the pigment for an even bolder look. 

The swatches are even more mesmerizing in real life, they have quite a unique texture and yet they're super smooth to apply. The blend seamlessly and wear for a really long time - all things a great eyeshadow should do. The only complaint is the price. Each shadow is priced at £21, which is the same (or just under) the price point of many eyeshadow palettes where you're offered much more choice for your money. But overall, if you are wiling to part with that much for an eyeshadow that really does the job well, this is definitely a good range to go for. Now I know that the formula is incredible, I'm tempted to try several other shades from the range - when my spending ban is up, of course! 

Have you tried these NARS eyeshadows?

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Dr. Paw Paw Ultra Soothing Balms

It's a very short and very quick blog post for today as I have to crack on with my essay before I submit it tonight! I really wanted to have something up, and I've wanted to talk about these little treats ever since they arrived in my mail last week. You're probably all sick and tired of me talking about my dry skin issue now, and how being on Accutane makes it worse. But the reason I'm mentioning it yet again is because these little tubes of Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Soothing Balms* are mini miracle workers for dry, chapped skin. I've been using them non stop, and so I thought it would be best to write up a quick post and share the discovery.

These balms come in 25ml tubes, and a little goes a long way. There are four different varieties, so which balm you go for depends on what you'd like to use it for. I use the original balm the most - it's perfect for dry hands and cuticles, as well as dry elbows and knees. However, there are three tinted varieties which are also available: Peach Pink, Ultimate Red and Red Sparkle (LE). These are some more fun options which you can use as tinted blushers or lip balms. I've been loving the peach pink shade - it fits right into the spring trends going on right now, whilst also being incredibly hydrating for a pop of colour on a really light makeup day. 

I haven't used the red shade yet but I can't wait to give that a whirl once the summertime rolls around. They aren't the most long wearing products as blushers, but they're certainly lovely for quick makeup when running errands or going about your day at home. These balms have also recently been awarded the PETA badge and so they are officially cruelty free and vegan! Each of these retail at £6.95 in Superdrug, but QVC are selling all four for £19.50 plus £3.95 postage. 

Have you tried the Dr Paw Paw Balms?


*PR samples

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Five Ways To Prepare For The Week Ahead

Preparing myself for the week is a habit my mum instilled in me wayyyy back when I was starting secondary school, and I'm so grateful that she did. There are lots of ways I like to prepare, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you today:

1. Write up a weekly plan.
I'm a huge advocate of planning. I love to do it - I find it relaxing and inspiring, and I think I'm lucky that I like it. There are lots of people who I've met who really don't like sitting down to organize their week. I think everyone has their own strategy of managing their plans but sitting down to write lists and times of appointments/meetings keeps me on top of my workload and generally a lot more positive. I use Sunday evenings to write everything down in my planner, so that everything is laid out in front of me for the week ahead.

2. Plan your outfits for the week.
This one is really useful if you have an ever expanding closet. Taking some time to pick out a few outfits for  the week mean that your mornings will be a lot less rushed, and you won't have the dreaded 'nothing to wear' situation to face before heading out. Plus, you'll be a lot more relaxed doing this during the weekend compared to early in the morning, so you're more likely to be inspired and pair up new outfit ideas from the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

3. Tidy up your living space.
Having everything neat and tidy on a Monday morning is the best feeling. I always like to put everything in it's place, stack up any papers or files that I'll need throughout the week (in order) and give my desk a quick dust. It definitely makes a difference in my productivity and motivation to work, especially if I'm completing assignments from home.

4. Meal prep.
I've recently got into the habit of taking an hour or two out of my Sunday to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead. I keep them in plastic containers and store them in the fridge so that it's easy to just grab and go. This really helps prevent any last minute unhealthy choices because everything is already prepared - it's more of a time consuming task, but it's worth it in the long run!

5. Take time to enjoy your weekend.
I've seen lots of memes about realizing it's Sunday evening and feeling depressed that Monday is to come, and honestly... I don't get it. Enjoying every last drop of weekend, including Sunday evening, is important to me - that means not stressing about the work to come! Also, if I've done all the things I've listed above, I tend to feel more relaxed anyway and I can use the rest of Sunday to watch some Netflix and drink some tea. The idea behind all of this is to make the week positive and easier to manage, so it's important to take time and enjoy it.

What are your plans for this week?


Thursday, 2 March 2017

March Goals

I love setting myself mini goals each month and sharing them with you - I feel like they're such a positive way to start the month, both personal and interesting too! Here are my goals for March:

1. Focus on myself.
I've written a couple of posts recently in which I stress the importance of taking care of yourself, and this is something I really want to focus on this month. I feel like I've let other things get in the way recently and I need to take a step back and reset. One of my favourite ways to do this is to have a good pamper session, so I know March will be full of these. Or at least... that's my goal!

2. Continue working hard on my dissertation and university assignments.
I know I just mentioned taking time out, but in the times that I actually must work, I'm going to make sure I'm working pretty darn hard. I am desperate to do well and it means I have to put my heart and soul into the rest of the term and Easter so that I polish up my essays and dissertation to a standard that I'm proud of.

3. Reach 1k on Instagram. 
I know I always say it should never be about numbers - but I promise there's another reason behind this one. I recently purchased the prize for the giveaway I'm hosting for when I reach 1k on a social platform and I'm really excited to share it! It's incredibly hard to keep it a secret until I get there so I'm keen to up my Insta game and hopefully reach this goal by the end of this month. I've been close for a while but the new algorithm gets in the way - not to mention the spam accounts and people with larger followings who follow to unfollow. 

4. Continue to eat healthily and meal prep throughout the month. 
This was one of my February goals that I actually managed to stick to for the majority of the month so I really want to carry it on and have a really healthy March. This is always the time of year when things start getting a bit sluggish so I'm keen to keep myself healthy and motivated, despite the workload and final year pressure! 

5. Save some money.
I really didn't stick to this one in February (umm... Zoeva brush set, Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, ASOS/H&M hauls... it was a bit of a spendy month) so I'm setting it again for March. Wish me luck - this one is probably going to be the trickiest again because Spring is just round the corner and I have my eye on so many new wardrobe pieces!

What are your goals for March?

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