The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

I have been lusting after this set for aaages! After having done some very thorough research and looking through countless beauty reviews and videos on this product, I finally caved in yesterday and waited as patiently as I could for these beauties to arrive.

I don’t regret it one bit – look at how stunning they are:

I placed my order on Beauty Bay as they offered free next day delivery with orders placed before 4pm. The whole set cost £56.95 for eight brushes and the most gorgeous pouch (which is such good quality, it can be double up as a clutch). Although it seems quite expensive at first, it works out at about £7.11 per brush, so actually it is excellent value for the quality you are getting. Each brush has a completely different purpose and so this would make an excellent brush kit for beginners who just need the essential tools. The eight brushes you get within this set are:

1. Powder Brush – this is brilliant for my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Powder to set my makeup. It’s not too big and so isn’t like many other powder brushes which I find to be quite oversized. The handle isn’t very long either so it’s perfect for popping into your makeup bag to carry around for touch-ups.

2. Silk Finish Brush – this is my favourite brush from the kit! I would use this for foundation application as it works similar to the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (another favourite of mine). However, this brush is a little softer and rounder than the Real Techniques one, which means it’s easier to buff the foundation into your skin for a more natural finish.

3. Face Shape Brush – although I’m not sure what I’d use this one for (as I don’t often use cream contour), this brush is designed to perfectly apply creamier bronzers to the hollows of your cheekbones and your temples. I can see this brush being nice for blending concealer as well, although there is another brush in this kit for that!

4. Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush – the bristles of this brush are made from premium goat hairs which means it’s the softest brush of the lot! I think this brush is perfect for applying blusher to the apples of your cheeks as it is angled and so can evenly kiss your cheeks with the colour rather than popping it all in one place. I can imagine this to be a good highlighting brush as well, as the angled edge can be swept across the tops of the cheekbones in order to emphasise them.

5. Concealer and Buffer Brush – this brush is nicely rounded, soft and small which makes it perfect for applying concealer under the eyes and also buffing concealer into the skin over any blemishes to cover them up with a more natural finish.

6. Soft Definer Brush – this one is just like the infamous MAC 217, but in my opinion, is a little flatter. It is perfect for blending eyeshadows to achieve a seamless look when using different shades on your eyelids. Definitely another favourite of mine from this collection.

7. Petit Crease Brush – the bristles of this brush are densely packed which allows for precision when using darker colours in your crease. This one would be good for applying highlight to the inner corners of the eyes as well.

8. Winged Liner Brush – this one isn’t as densely packed as I would have like but it would still work for a softer lined eye rather than dark black winged liner which I prefer. Probably my least favourite of the set, but it is still useful for filling in eyebrows or smudging eyeshadow below the lower lash line.

The chocolate brown leatherette clutch which the brushes come in is also stunning. It has rose gold hardware and another zipped pouch inside. The stitching is excellent and although it’s just an add-on, it really doesn’t feel like it! I’m going to use it to store all my beauty bits inside my handbag as it is just the right size.

I feel like these brushes will look really beautiful standing in some old candle jars filled with coloured beads. The rose gold handles on the matte chocolate brown really adds that sense of luxury and class which makes the whole experience of applying makeup really special. These brushes are such high quality, I know that I will enjoy using them for years to come.

   What are your favourite makeup brushes?

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