A New Hair Accessory

Ever since I clapped eyes on the Céline Gold Hair Barrette, it was love. How could something so simple in design, look so elegant and sophisticated? I had to have it. That was until I saw the price tag – £250 for a hair clip?!  Then again, it is Céline. But we all know that, as with most popular designer items, the coming weeks are filled with multiple releases of ‘dupes’, similar styles at a fraction of the price. So of course, I kept an eye out for something similar to the barrette – and I found some gems on ASOS.

1. Original Céline Gold Hair Barrette – £250

2. ASOS Circle Hair Brooch – £8 

3. Limited Edition ASOS Open Twist Circle Hair Clip – £5

4. Designsix Circle Clean Hair Clip – £8 

These three clips from ASOS have been heavily inspired by the Céline runway hairstyles, yet all of them are under £10. I was so happy that I seriously had to keep myself from purchasing all three!
What’s more, with the student discount and upcoming ASOS deals, it’s
really easy to get extra money off… so you end up with the same look
without breaking the bank.

What do you think? Real or steal?

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