Some Fancy New Earphones

Since my standard Apple earphones broke during my travels back and forth across London over Christmas, I was in desperate need of some new ones. I had a few criteria whilst shopping to find the right replacement:

1. They mustn’t be too expensive. I had already blown my budget over the festive period on presents and the sort. I didn’t want to spend more than £30 or so. Aka, click off the Frends website.
2. They must be earbuds. I usually use my headphones on the go so I don’t like having bulky over ear headphones which take up lots of room in my bag. I needed them to be small enough to travel with without problems.
3. Looking cute is a bonus. I wanted them in a pretty colour if possible. My previous ones had just been plain white, and although this particular criterion wasn’t essential, I was thrilled when I finally clapped my eyes on Happy Plugs.

If you’re a fan of the rose gold earphones that Frends have made popular, Happy Plugs is your answer. These are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I don’t think the picture even does them true justice. The colour is the perfect shade between copper and rose gold (if you read my Homeware Haul then you’ll know all about that obsession of mine). I actually featured this exact pair in my Christmas Gift Guide for Her, but completely forgot about how much I wanted them afterwards! They are extremely comfortable to wear in your ears and they don’t fall out (this is a problem I find frequently with a lot of earbuds I have bought in the past).

Now, sound quality. Honestly, these are pretty darn good for the price. Don’t expect Bose but these allow for sharp, crisp, quality sound which doesn’t change depending on the volume you have set. The sound stays consistent and they really are a pleasure to use. There is a control on the wire which allows you to pause and play videos and sounds tracks. However, the one down side is that this control doesn’t have a volume control like the standard Apple headphones. You have to control volume using the device the headphones are connected to.

Price wise – now here is the best bit – they are usually £24.99, but on Amazon, Happy Plugs are selling these particular earbuds (and in a ton of different colours) for £14.99! For such an adorable accessory, I have no complaints. I am thoroughly impressed so far and I’ve been using them non stop since I received them. My one worry is how long they will last, but I can keep you posted on that one – so far, so good!

Have you tried Happy Plugs?

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