The Perfect Plumping Lipgloss

I rarely opt for lipgloss when it comes to finishing off my makeup. I much prefer a balm, butter or a creamy lipstick. However, when I finally decided to venture back into the world of gloss via purchasing the Dior Lip Maximizer, I found the perfect plumping pout sat ready made in the tube. I suffer from extremely dry lips, so I needed something moisturizing and long wearing, that wasn’t sticky (one of the reasons why I never really opted for lipgloss in the first place).

This lipgloss ticks all the boxes. Its super glossy and weightless – you literally don’t even realize that it’s on your lips at all! The only thing that gives it away is the slight tingly feeling it leaves on your lips to plump up your pout. I love that, but it might not be for some. The tingling sensation isn’t as strong as something like the Buxom Lipglosses – it’s gentler but still achieves a very similar effect. The formula itself contains a blend of hyaluronic and marine based fillers which keep your lips looking full all day long.

Price wise, one 6ml tube costs £23.50. It takes a long while to get through a tube so although it seems a small amount, it will last you a fair amount of time. As for the packaging – it’s just gorgeous! The silver lid is embossed with the CD or Christian Dior and the gloss sits in a clear square tube. There is a doe foot applicator to apply the product evenly on your lips. 

So now I’m a convert – I will definitely be trying to find a similar product for a lesser price!

Have you tried the Dior Lip Maximizer?

Ambar x

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