Top Five Tips for Keeping Organised in 2016

With January being the month of new beginnings, getting organised is on the top of my priority list once more. Each year I love trying out new methods and techniques to balance my workload and personal life, and with blogging now in picture, proper organisation is a must! Here are my top five tips for staying on top of a busy lifestyle for 2016:

1. Prioritize your daily tasks. Having a list(s) of the things you have to do each day is one of the best tools you can have for staying organised. I would recommend breaking each task down into three categories in order of priority – so, List A has perhaps two-three tasks which have to be done at all costs, List B with things that should be done but not essential and List C with little tasks which would alleviate the workload for the following day. 

2. Keep an annual planner/agenda. I’ve kept an agenda every year for as long as I can remember. I like buying ones with a monthly overview in front so that I can see what I have coming up. My planner for 2016 is the Kate Spade Agenda in white with gold polka dots.

3. Use colour. A pack of coloured felt tips or fine liners can be your best friend when it comes to organisation and staying motivated. I love colour coding using post it notes and coloured binders as well. This is especially useful when dividing subjects and modules to separate them clearly.  

4. Keep a clean work space. Clean surroundings will keep a clear head, so you’ll be much more productive in a tidy work space. This doesn’t mean spending hours tidying up, but keeping the area in which you work clean enough to get on with your day will really boost your productivity.

5. Keep your overall goals in mind. This is essential not only for trying to get organised but also STAYING organised throughout the year! The lists which I mentioned earlier will help create a clearer picture of your daily targets on a visual level, but it is so important to have an idea of the bigger picture in your mind so you know what you’re working towards. This helps keep you on track and motivated to continue your organisation all year long so you can achieve your goal.

What are your top tips for keeping organised for 2016?

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