Smashbox: Photo Finish Primer Water

I’m actually extra specially excited about today’s blog post. The world of primer waters was something I never saw myself venturing into anytime soon. If I’m perfectly honest, I saw them as a bit of a gimmick – I mean, it’s just water in a bottle, right? Wrong, I was soon to learn. I think Smashbox were the very first brand to come out with the concept of primer waters and companies like Freedom and Revolution (both available at Superdrug) followed suit with more budget friendly alternatives. I definitely want to try both of those as soon as they come back in stock. Seriously. I’m a primer water convert.

Anyway, so coming back to this product, AKA the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, I am thoroughly impressed. The full size is £20, but I have the travel size (£10). This is great for having in your bag for on the go and refilling with the larger version for when you’re out of product. The packaging is very cute, simple yet sturdy. Not much to say about it other than it looks elegant. But the water itself is magic for your makeup. I’m someone who hates anything remotely cake-y looking in terms of makeup and this stuff prevents any of that from happening. The idea behind it is to spray it all over your face between layers – so on a bare face as a primer, after foundation and concealer, and once more after powdering as a setting spray. It keeps your skin looking fresh and dewy, whilst drying down to give a natural cake-free finish. I’m not sure why but I’ve found that products just sit much better when I’ve used this product. It’s like the melt into each other and blend beautifully without looking or feeling heavy. The water itself is silicone and alcohol free, so it’s hydrating and won’t dry your skin out as some primers and setting sprays do. 

The one down side I see to this product is the price. I honestly find just the idea of spending £20 on this very hard. I am going to try the more wallet friendly options I mentioned earlier and perhaps do a collective review to see if those are just as good (please let me know if you’d like to see this!). 

Have you tried primer waters?

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