The Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes

I’m really late to this party. The Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes have been out since early 2015, but I only just purchased them. I’ve been a long term lover of the original Real Techniques brush line (the expert face brush and multi task brush are seriously awesome). But this new range has been on my beauty wish list ever since I first clapped eyes on them. I was finally forced to cave when I saw this value set with three full sized brushes to try. The set did come with a clutch too but I didn’t really find much use for that. Maybe one day.

First impression: they are truly incredible. The individual brushes are quite up there in price for high street brushes, but they don’t skimp on quality at all. They look and feel gorgeous. They’re light, beautifully metallic and have long handles so are very practical to work with. You can get right into working on specific areas of your face depending on where you position you hand on the handle. You have less control the further you place you hand from the brush head, which works excellently for buffing out eyeshadow. For more precise work, holding the brush closer to the bristles does the trick.

This particular set had three brushes, two from the core range and one exclusive brush. These were a tapered blush brush (I love using this for highlighter or a light contour despite it being for blusher), and oval shadow brush (great for packing on/blending eye shadow) and an angled powder brush (this one is perfect for all over bronzing). The bristles are incredible soft and plush, made of synthetic fibers and densely packed into the brush head. They don’t shed and pick up/distribute makeup extremely evenly.  

If you’re on the market for some gorgeous new brushes, I highly recommend these. This particular set is no longer available but you can select the individual brushes from the range here. The brushes range from £10-£25 and so are slightly more premium than the original range, but they do feel a lot more luxe. Honestly, I feel like such a professional with these in my kit. 

Have you tried the Bold Metals brushes?

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