The Zara Chain City Bag

I had been lusting after the infamous Zara Chain City Bag for a VERY long time before last Thursday. Every time I received an email telling me that it had come back in stock, it had sold out again by the time I checked the website. Each and every store I visited had told me that it was hot stock and that I should try checking again online. And might I add, now that I have it, Zara seem to have an endless supply as I am seeing them everywhere now. Sigh.

It might just be the most beautiful bag that I own. It’s soft but structured, with a chain strap that can be worn as long or short (by doubling it up). The strap also has a leather pad to prevent the chain from slipping off your shoulder or being uncomfortable. 

The entire body of the bag is designed with a croc style leather, and the front edge is bordered with a gunmetal chain. It looks very much like the famous Chanel Boy bag, only it is literally around 1/40 of the price. I purchased this bag for £89.99, which seems a little steep for Zara considering most of their bags are around the £30-50 mark. However, considering that it’s made of authentic leather and would potentially save me a H-U-G-E amount of money compared to the Chanel version, I’m not complaining. 

It is excellent quality, the stitching is immaculate and the bag is spacious and sturdy. There are two main compartments inside with a smaller pouch for your phone. It feels very luxurious and I knew immediately that this little fella would be getting a lot of love. However, whenever I want to store it away for a little while whilst using another bag, Zara also sent a dust bag in which it can be stored in to prevent damage to the leather.

This bag is perfect for a night out, small shopping trips and lunches. I wouldn’t use it as a university bag as it isn’t big enough. But for daytime when an A4 pad of paper is not required, it is the perfect bag to use!

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