Trying Out Korean Skincare

I was kind enough to receive this Innisfree Skincare Set from a friend at Christmas. She was heading home back to Korea over the break and bought this back for me as a gift. Needless to say… I was thrilled. I had been wanting to try Korean skincare for ages! The problem I found with trying to order Korean skincare online is that the price tots up and it can usually get quite expensive compared to the prices in Korea. Also, there’s so much variety it can be really hard to pick apart what is what. However, this set seemed to have all the essentials in a box – so I thought I’d share my initial thoughts in this post.

Firstly, let us just take a moment to admire the packaging. I mean, how perfect is this as a gift? You don’t even need to wrap it. It comes with a pretty green ribbon and bow already. The box is also really good quality and can be used in a D.I.Y. With a little decoration, it can be reused for holding little bits and bobs you might have lying around. 

The set is described as: 

‘Enriched with squeezed green tea from the pure Jeju island to deliver abundant moisture and nourishment deep into your skin’.

This seems perfect for me as I suffer from very dry skin at the moment and need all the moisture I can get. I was very excited at the weight of the box. It’s quite heavy so I automatically thought ‘Yay! It’s going to have so much in it!’ – and it didn’t disappoint. When I opened it, this is the glory that met my eyes:

Five products! Granted three of them are mini sizes, but five products! Upon closer inspection I realized that two of the smaller sizes are travel sizes of the larger bottles. So I was counting on the large ones to be really good… and so far, I’m honestly impressed. 
The set contains a large bottle of Green Tea Balancing Skin and Green Tea Balancing Lotion. These are both very light and should be applied one after the other on a clean face. The small bottles are travel versions of these two products and there is one small jar of Green Tea Cream. 

As you might probably expect, the cream is richer and provides a more intensive moisture, thus acting more as an overnight mask. The skin and lotion are light and fresh with a beautiful scent, both of these are a pleasure to use before applying makeup and once I’ve cleansed my face for bed. My skin feels hydrated and glowy – I know it’s still to early to place a verdict but I am so excited to see the full results!

This experience has definitely made me want to branch out and try more Korean skincare items, perhaps a few makeup items as well. Have you tried any that you’d recommend?

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