A Budget Friendly Brush Dupe

Brushes can be super expensive. Although I agree that investing in good tools is the key to perfect makeup (along with a good skincare regime), finding brushes which work well for a fraction of the price can be wonderful for your wallet too. I’ve recently discovered an excellent dupe for the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush (£43), and although I can’t compare it to the real deal, I can vouch for the fact that it does an amazing job

The description on the NARS website describes the Yachiyo brush to be a multi functional artist favourite for defining cheekbones, highlighting, blending and diffusing colour on the cheeks. I have tried using this dupe for exactly these purposes to see how well it works, and honestly, it works a treat. The bristles are soft, and nicely packed into a very gorgeous looking handle. My dupe brush cost 99p. I promise I’m not joking. Here is where I found it

Again, I have to emphasize that I haven’t tried the NARS version, so I can’t promise the same quality. But I can say appearance wise it’s a match, and in terms of how well the brush works, it’s a very decent brush – particularly for the price. 

Have you tried this dupe? 

What are your favourite budget brushes?

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