A Palette for the Glow Getters

I love me a good highlight. In the colder months, I would often reach for a subtle candlelit glow such as Hourglass Diffused Light gives, and dust that lightly on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. But as Spring approaches, I’m feeling the the highlight game getting stronger. If you read my review of the cult classic Becca Champagne Pop, you’ll know that it’s very intense, buttery and a dream to apply if you’re wanting to up to up the ante. The one drawback however, is that it is £32. And although I’m all for investing in good quality products, it can get a bit spendy. So just imagine my excitement when I found the Freedom Pro Highlight palette for just £6 from Superdrug

The palette comes with eight different shades and two different formulas. You get a whole 15g of product which means each pan is just under 2g. There are six creamy shades and two powder shades. They are all extremely pigmented although some are chunkier than others, particularly in the cream formulas. However, I love how unique some of the colours are – I’ve never seen a silvery blue or an ice white in a highlight palette before so it’s great that you get so much variety. And although these colours may seem scary to use at first, when well blended and paired with the right makeup, they can look absolutely gorgeousNot only are they great for highlighting your cheeks, brow bone and cupids bow, but they are also great as an eyeshadow base. Be sure to pair with a good eye primer, all of these shades would be great to build a very glowy eye look

Here are some swatches of the cream highlight shades:

I found that a couple of the shades were a little chunky, especially the bright white and the corner gold shade. But again, when these shades are worked into the skin and blended well, they look beautiful. They work great on the inner corners of your eyes as well, to open them up and appear larger. Here are the powder highlight shades: 

Super pigmented and very soft (but not too soft that they fall out everywhere). They feel very finely milled for a drugstore product and aren’t chunky at all. There’s a brighter silvery white and a bronzey rose copper gold (which reminds me of Champagne Pop quite a bit). I love dusting this right on the tops of my cheeks for a sun kissed glow.

The packaging doesn’t feel super luxury, but I’m not sure you can expect much for £6. It does come with a very large mirror in the lid which is seriously impressive for such an affordable product – also very useful for on the go!

I’m very impressed, and will definitely be trying out the Freedom Blush Palettes too (I love the look of this coral one) – let me know if you’d be interested in reviews and swatches for that!

Have you tried the Freedom Makeup Palettes?

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