Cheeks, Lips and Tips with Kiko Cosmetics

I have heard so much about Kiko Milano Cosmetics over the past couple of years, and yet I never got round to trying anything from the brand myself. I stumbled across their website a couple of weeks ago and forced myself to place an order (though that bit wasn’t hard, everything was so pretty), so I could finally try out a bit of the brand that everyone raves about. It’s a very affordable line, with all sorts of products ranging from skincare to makeup and beauty tools. I was most intrigued by a few products which were the ones I thought would be the best segway into the brand: the Rebel Bouncy Blushes, the Smooth Temptation Lipsticks and (of course) the Kiko Nail Lacquers

I have to mention that the way my order was packaged on arrival was beautiful. For such an affordable brand, I was very impressed by how well presented the products were in their separate little boxes. Everything looked sleek and luxurious – bonus points to Kiko for product packaging being on-point. It was all presented in a box but they did pop a little branded bag inside in case any products were gifts.

So, let’s start off with the most exciting products: the Rebel Bouncy Blushes. I saw these on the top of box and my heart skipped with joy. They just look so darn pretty! The boxes are purple and embossed with rose gold letters – in fact, the boxes themselves feel very velvety on the surface. It has a very Great Gatsby type feel to it, if you know what I mean. The compact itself is rose gold (eek!) and has a mirror inside along with 5g of product. The blush has a matte satin effect on the cheeks which is perfect for all skin types – not too dry it would flake and not too oily it would slide. I chose two colours from the range – 02 Adorable Pink and 03 Treasure Rose

Adorable Pink is a brighter raspberry pink, perfect for warmer months for a pop of colour. It’s the kind of shade that would pair perfectly with a bright pink lip. The texture of this formula is smooth and creamy although its not exactly a cream blush. I would say it’s more of a hybrid between a powder and cream. 

Treasure Rose is a deeper berry toned rose, great for transitioning between seasons and a shade that would work beautifully with lots of lash and a nude gloss. It’s very soft, but highly pigmented so be careful with your brush when applying. I’d probably reach for this one more because I’m all into that dusky rose colour right now.  

Now onto lips. I have four products to share, three lipsticks and one lipgloss. The gloss I picked was from the Super Gloss line in the colour 124 Rhododendron Pink. From the swatch online, I imagined it to be super pigmented and bright pink but it’s actually just a tint and is quite muted. Saying that, I’m not disappointed – it works well as an everyday just-swipe-it-on-and-you’re-good-to-go lipgloss. The formula is not sticky at all, it’s light and smells like buttercream. So in short, win, win, win.

The three lipsticks I picked up were from the Smooth Temptation range: 03 Cherry, 04 English Rose and 06 Rosewood (you can really tell I’m really into the rose theme right now, can’t you? Sigh). The come in long, thin tube so are easy to twist up and apply – the formula is buttery smooth and very pigmented. They have a satin finish and smell like vanilla frosting, much like the famous MAC lipstick scent. These colours are gorgeous – English Rose is my favourite, it’s the most wearable and goes with pretty much anything.

Now last but not least, nails. I don’t know why but for some reason, I haven’t heard much about the Kiko nail line. I was overwhelmed by the choice of colours – they literally have every shade you can think of. I found it hard whittling it down to three: 319 Light Dove, 338 Light Lavender and 535 Metallic British Green. I thought I’d go for the every day neutrals and then one quirky party shade. Again, the pigmentation on these is out of this world. They are incredibly easy to apply, not streaky at all and give amazing colour payoff in just two coats. I love all three colours, but I’m really digging the lavender shade. It’s just such a fresh colour for March. These are ridiculously affordable – I highly recommend them already (although I still need to test out wear time).  

I honestly cannot believe I hadn’t tried this brand before, I know that I will be ordering more in the very near future. I definitely want to order some more nail shades and try out some of the skincare products Kiko have in their range!

Have you  tried any Kiko products? Which ones do you recommend I should try?

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