Five Tips for Better Makeup Application

There are lots of beauty tips and tricks out there to help keep makeup looking fresh all day, but I’ve picked out some of the most essential bits which I live by when using makeup. Without further ado, here they are…

1. Drink a tall glass of water every morning.

Actually, don’t just stop after one glass in the morning – keep sipping at water throughout the day. It sounds cliche but it’s so important to stay hydrated, and makes such a difference in you energy levels as well as your skin. If you don’t like drinking plain water, try adding a slice of lemon (which also detoxifies) or drink sparkling water if you like a little fizz. Either way, water = beautiful. 

2. Prep your skin before applying any makeup.

Primers and primer waters are a great step for prepping your skin, but I’m talking go waayyy back. Make sure your skin is cleansed and well moisturized before you start with any makeup products. Trust me – it sits far better on your skin that way. It’s all about the base (excuse the slight Meghan Trainor ring there, that was unintentional I promise).

3. Blend. Blend. Blend. 

And I don’t just mean your eyeshadow (although that’s also very important). There’s nothing quite like a nasty tide line where your foundation hasn’t quite been buffed in enough to match your neck with your jawline. This can happen with contouring too. The best way to avoid this is to do your makeup routine in natural daylight so you can see any harsh lines and blend them away. Another good tip is to find the right buffing brush – you want it to be dense enough to buff out any lines but soft enough not to move your makeup around with it. I recommend the Real Techniques buffing brush (it’s affordable and does the job perfectly). 

4. Keep a facial spritz at hand.

I’ve only recently discovered how useful this tip is in keeping your makeup fresh throughout the day. There are lots of makeup setting sprays around and its great to use these throughout your makeup routine to set each step. However, I’ve found that keeping a travel sized bottle at hand is a great way to maintain that fresh faced look for longer. Just like keeping hydrated on the inside is incredibly important, a facial spritz is a splash of hydration for the outside.

5. Cleanse before bed.

This one is probably one of the  most important ones. Cleansing your face before bed removes any dirt from the day so your pores don’t clog at night and lead to skin problems. It also makes makeup application the next day much smoother because your skin has had a chance to breathe overnight. Applying a rich moisturizer or night time face mask can also help in keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. 

What are your favourite ways to apply makeup?

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