Marc Jacobs: Enamored Nail Lacquers

Don’t these look just absolutely gorgeous? I’ve been a fan of the Marc Beauty line ever since it first launched, but I found it so hard to get hold of! In fact, I used to always stock up whenever I was near a Sephora, which of course meant that I could only purchase abroad. I know that Harrods have started stocking in the UK, so it’s now slightly easier to get hold of the line on this side of the pond. Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Marc Beauty Nail Lacquer line, with a review on three different shades from the range. 

Firstly, let’s start off with the bottle. It’s one of the most unique, simple and elegant bottles of nail varnish I’ve ever seen. The shape is sort of like a pebble, a theme which runs through a lot of the Marc Jacobs Beauty line. It’s very sleek and very shiny – you take off the cap and then unscrew the brush (much like many other higher end nail varnishes with fancy bottles). You get 13mls of product which is a decent amount –  it will last a while depending on how often you wear the shade. I’ve got three different finishes for a more wholesome review (sometimes some finishes are better than others!). Here they are:

1. Gatsby – a champagne pink with metallic finish. This one was the one I was most excited about but least impressed by so let’s get this one tackled first. I’m going to be honest – the name is what sold me on this shade. The colour is a classic pale golden pink which reminds me of the 1920s Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby-esque parties. I needed three coats for an opaque finish, and it did apply quite streaky – but to be fair, many metallic finishes are that way so I should have expected that. Once it was on, I was happy. At least, I was happy for about four hours. It began chipping almost immediately despite applying my favourite top coat. I had to remove it after only a day of wear. I will try wearing it again and give updates if that was a one off fiasco!

2. Le Charm – a copper rose gold with a glitter finish. This one is incredibly pretty. It’s a lot more orangey than pink – very unusual and super glittery without being difficult to take off. I love this colour on its own with two coats or on top of a neutral colour as a sparkly topcoat. It wore for around four days with minimal chipping and looked very fresh. It’s one of those you-can’t-stop-staring-at-your-nails type colours.

3. Petra – a dirty bronze with a fine glitter finish. This one is my favourite of the three. It’s another extremely unique shade, almost gritty looking gunmetal with silvery sparkles running through. It’s grungy but still very classic at the same time. It wore the longest (six days) with minimal chipping, and was very easy to remove despite the glitter as it’s milled so fine. I had opaque coverage within two coats, but keep in mind you do need two coats with this one. The first coat is quite watery just like Gatsby – I’d give it a good shake before applying it to your nails. But colour wise, it’s a win.

From left to right on the swatches: Gatsby, Le Charm, Petra.

The nail varnishes were apparently inspired by Marc’s highly lacquered coffee table, and designed to give a wet, plasticized look with a chip resistant finish. Each nail varnish is formulated with patented bonding agents which are meant to help achieve this. They each come packaged in a shiny monochrome box embossed with the silver Marc Jacobs logo. You can find them at Harrods or online priced at £15 each. 

Have you tried any of the Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquers?

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