The £3 Primer (that does it all)

Having been on the hunt for the perfect primer for a while, I was absolutely thrilled when I found this one. I had tried everything from Benefit’s best selling Porefessional to Maybelline Baby Skin… and nothing had really wowed me into repurchasing. So you can imagine my surprise when this £3 primer from Wilkinson’s completely blew my primer searching out of the beauty pond. I actually found this whilst perusing through my mum’s makeup draw on a weekend back home. I had forgotten my own Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer (which is pretty good too, but quite up there in price), and I wanted to see if she had I primer I could borrow. That’s when I clapped my eyes on the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer. I had never heard of this brand – the packaging reminded me of Soap and Glory meets Benefit Cosmetics, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out it was actually from and how much mum bought it for!

Now for the breakdown of the primer itself (and why it ticks all the boxes for my skin). The tube states that it’s a light reflecting formula which brightens up your skin before you apply makeup. This is completely true – it’s like a soft focus filter for your skin, diffusing any hyper pigmentation, redness or blemishes and perfectly prepping your skin for foundation. I did a little basic research on the primer’s formula itself and it actually contains silica spheres which is what achieves this ‘diffused’ look and apparently also reduces the appearances of fine lines (I don’t know about this because I don’t actually have this yet, but my mum stands by this). The primer also has other beneficial components in it’s formula, such as Vitamin E (a famous antioxidant), apricot oil and baobab oil to soften and condition your skin. The overall finish is mattifying, so you would think that this would only be suitable for oily skin – but no. As someone who suffers from very dry skin, I can tell you that this works very well for it. The oils really work, and as I apply a moisturizer before starting my makeup routine anyway, its actually a perfect formula to smooth out and mattify my complexion

Seriously, this primer really does it all. It’s sold out online at the moment, but sign up for an email so you know when it’s back in stock – or pop into your local Wilkinson’s and have a look in the makeup isle. You won’t regret it.

Let me know if you give this a try!

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