Five Ways to Be More Productive

I’ve had a really productive day today (the day I’m writing this post is Monday even though I’m scheduling it to go up on Friday). I’ve spent the morning cleaning my flat and the afternoon organizing my revision for the month. Oh, and now I’m scheduling a couple of blog posts for this week. So overall, I feel like I’ve done good today, I’ve made progress. But, if I look back on how my day started, there are definitely a few reasons as to why my productivity was so good. There’s no secret – productivity comes down to a number of steps which I’m going to share in my post today. So, with these tips, I hope your weekend (and every day after) will be that little bit more fruitful and give you that ‘I did good today’ feeling.

1. Map out your day. 

It’s so important to have a structure to your day in order to get the most out of it. Decide what big goals you have for the day and allot a time to tackle them. So for me, cleaning my flat was a big task today which I allotted the entire morning for. Also, the fewer the better. I would recommend no more than three big goals, any more than that and you’ll start to feel swamped which will actually slow you down rather than gee you up. Three goals will give your day that overall structure. You can divide them up into smaller ‘mini’ goals as you take them on – this is where my second tip comes in, make lists.

2. Lists are your best friend.

I love lists. Seriously, everything about lists gets me excited. I make one at the start of the week with my weekly goals, and one at the start of each day with my daily goals. It kind of goes hand in hand with mapping out your day but my lists tend to also have the smaller things I need to do as well. So my list today had ‘clean my flat’ in bold but also ‘tidy my shelves’ and ‘clear the kitchen cupboards’ as smaller goals underneath. It kind of helps keep things specific, so you don’t get sidetracked/forget anything and know exactly what you need to be doing.

3. Make use of your time.

I didn’t know how to condense this one into a catchy subheading, can you tell? You know those little pockets of time you get throughout the day when say, you’re waiting for someone or your favourite show takes a break for the adverts? You should use those too. Use them for mini tasks like dusting the shelves or squeezing in a mini workout. Every minute counts so use them wisely. Plus, you’ll feel so much better about it too – it’s one less thing you’ll have to do later on. 

4. Celebrate as you go.

When you achieve something, celebrate it! It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, take that moment to reflect and feel good about what you’ve done. My way of celebrating is getting to tick off my list that I made at the start of the day. This works really well for the little things, and gives me that sense of achievement – making me want to keep going. For the bigger achievements, take some time to do something for yourself as a treat. It could be a mani/pedi or maybe a cup of tea and a TV show. Just some time to reward yourself for working so hard. Your productivity will increase in no time! 

5. Take breaks.

You can’t be on work mode all the time. A break is something which is needed for your brain to relax a little (and this is where your rewards can fit in too). How you take your breaks really depends on how best you work – I find that longer periods of working followed by reasonably long breaks works best for me. If I take frequent short breaks, I get easily distracted and the breaks end up being long anyway, keeping me away from work. Also, I work best in the late morning/early afternoon so that’s where I allocate the task that requires the most brain power! It’s all about figuring out how you work best and then allocating your breaks accordingly. 

What are your favourite ways to be more productive?

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