Banana & Vanilla Hazelnut Milkshake

Banana & Vanilla Hazelnut Milkshake Recipe

If your a fan of all things sweet, you are going to absolutely love this recipe! It’s super quick, easy and 100% vegan. I make mine in about three minutes most mornings for a speedy (yet delicious) breakfast. It’s also great as a mid morning snack or evening dessert, and it’s easy to customize according to your preferred taste. If you’re not a fan of hazelnut milk, you can always swap it for almond milk, cashew milk or regular dairy milk depending on what you have in your kitchen.

Bananas are the main ingredient on getting the texture like that of a milkshake – the trick is to freeze them overnight so that it thickens when blended. As nut milks tend to be quite thin, using frozen banana as a thickening and sweetening ingredient works wonders for recreating the creamy taste of a milkshake. I like to slice a small overripe banana up into discs and put them in the freezer for at least four hours. I usually do this the night before I plan to make this! If you want, you can freeze other fruits as well, such as strawberries and cherries – just make sure they’re super ripe so that they’re sweet. Fresh dates are really nice in this smoothie as well (make sure that they’re pitted!). 

Banana & Vanilla Hazelnut Milkshake Recipe

Making it is really simple: In the morning, just blend up the frozen banana discs with 250 mls of hazelnut milk and half a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. I use my trusty Nutribullet, but any high power blender will do the job just fine. If you like the banana peanut butter taste, you can always add a teaspoon of all natural PB to the mix as well. Blend it up until it’s nice and creamy and pour into a fancy glass (optional). Enjoy! 

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