My April Goals

It’s amazing to think that it’s the start of yet another new month today. We’re already three months into 2016, and I’m sitting here (like probably many of us), wondering where on earth the time has gone. But, with the start of a new month comes a new set of goals that I want to use the thirty days of April (if not longer) to work on and achieve. I usually find that writing things down is a great motivator, whether it’s writing a list of things to do for the day, or a set of goals for the year. So, here’s a glimpse into the goals I’ve written down for this month:

1. To switch up my wardrobe. 

With Spring blooming a little, it’s time to switch things up in the fashion department. I really want to incorporate some of the new trends coming our way this season, like the Spanish influence and Romantic trend, with floaty ruffles and vibrant reds. Let me know if you’d like to see little segments on how I work those into my wardrobe this Spring.

2. To practice the art of meal planning.

I love planning. I recently purchased a meal planner with the hope it would help me organise the food side of life. I’ve been stuck in the ‘nothing to eat – let me just order pizza‘ situation one too many times lately, so it’s time to plan out my grocery shop and write out my plans so I know exactly what I’m cooking and eating all month. Hopefully it will work and become a habit that I can continue for the rest of the year!

3. To create (and stick to) a revision plan for my exams. 

Yes. Exams. Second year university exams are approaching in May, which means revision is on the table once more. Although I only have two exams this year, April will need to be used for a burst of revision before a well needed summer break. I’ve created a plan for this month, but the hard bit is sticking to it, so this will definitely be a goal for this month. 

4. To walk more.

I want to start enjoying the sun more now that it’s coming out more often! I often find myself in the habit of working indoors even when the sun is shining, so that’s an area I want to change. Taking some time out to walk will help me get some exercise into my day – particularly with all the revision I have planned.

5. To find effective ways to combat my anxiety.

Here’s where it gets that little bit more personal. I often find that I get more and more anxious as exam dates get closer, particularly with the amount of things to cover before I sit them. My bright idea is to break up the topics before hand and assign each day of April with an overarching revision task – I’m a firm believer in being organised to reduce stress. If anyone has any more ideas on dealing with exam stress, or if you’d like a blog post on how I approach exams, let me know in the comments!

What are your goals for April?
Here’s to a new month!

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