My New Nail Obsession (ft. Smith & Cult)

 Smith & Cult Nail Varnishes Review

I’ve been seeing Smith & Cult Nail Varnishes literally E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E for the past year or so. It must be something to do with that seriously eye-catching bottle bling, with each shade capped in the most gorgeous gold. As soon as I saw them, it was that moment where you know – you just know – that  you’re going to buy them. Soonish. As soon as the funds appear. For me, that took a whole year, but finally last week I took a deep breath and clicked ‘BUY’ (and then sat anxiously refreshing my browser for delivery updates).

The bottle is a work of art in itself – I will definitely be having these on display. They look so chic but very edgy at the same time, with their dented golden lids like little sculptures. There’s 14 mls of product in each little bottle which is quite a bit – but then again I would hope so, with the product being priced at £19 a piece! I know that these are $18 in the States so I do feel like it’s ridiculously overpriced in the UK. I know the brand do lipglosses too, which look equally as beautiful, but I decided not to try them just yet. 

 Smith & Cult Nail Varnishes Review

We all know how easy it is to get sucked in by packaging, and I sorta did with these, but the formula itself is a real winner. It goes on smooth and opaque with two coats, giving gorgeous colour payoff and a super glossy finish. The one thing I would say is the brush is very fat which is nice if you like coating your nail in one swipe, but I prefer the three-swipes-to-cover-your-nail sort of thing. I’ve only tried three colours from the range but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea as there seem to be only two finishes in the line – opaque cream and glitter. I picked four different shades which I thought would be wonderfully Spring appropriate (after all, I wanted to wear them right away). The colours I chose were: 

Above It All – this one is a gorgeous glossy topcoat which seals any colour and gives it a whole lotta shine. It’s also perfect for the au naturale manicure.

Cut The Mullet – an opaque pastel sky blue, perfect for the Spring season and yet sophisticated enough to wear on an everyday basis.

Doe My Dear – talking of sophistication, this one is one of the most stunning neutrals I’ve ever owned. A seriously chic dove grey.

Gay Ponies Dancing In The Snow – and this one just caught my eye in all its sparkling glory. It reminds me of unicorns, all fine pink glitter suspended in a clear gel base.

 Smith & Cult Nail Varnishes Review

They have some witty names, eh? Not gonna lie, I kind of want them all. They’re just so stunning. There are so many more shades I’ve got my eye on like Faunt-LeroyBitter Buddhist and Vegas Post Apocalyptic. But the four I’ve got are keeping me happy for now. You can find the full range with all the colours in the line at Space NK and Net-a-Porter

Have you tried the Smith & Cult Nail Varnishes?

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