The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

The Sleek Solstice Palette has been on my wish list for a while now, ever since it began floating around the beauty space as the new highlighter sensation. The minute it landed on my doorstep I could see why. There are four shades, each as beautiful as the next, with three powders and one cream formula. They all come cased in a shiny rose gold compact with a large mirror in the lid. There is a small brush on the side as well, but I would have preferred if they skipped the brush and filled the space up with some more product or instead made it a smaller palette. I guess if you’re on the go the brush might be useful.

The colours are just gorgeous. Each shade is named but this comes on a plastic sheet and not printed under each pan as higher end products tend to have. However, for £10, I’m not complaining. It’s the quality of the product which matters and Sleek have done it just right. The colours have been designed to work together on different parts of the face and Sleek have made a tutorial on that here

The powder shades (SubsolarHemisphere and Equinox) are perfect as eyeshadowsbrow bone highlights, dusted on the cupids bow and for accentuating a lipgloss by mixing it in. Subsolar is a very cool toned shade, so it works great for the inner corners of the eye to brighten them up. The cream shade (Ecliptic) works great blended in on the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of the noseI’ve swatched the colours below, and you can tell how smooth they are. The pigmentation is great, but like a lot of highlighters, they are quite intense so use them with a light hand if you’re not going for the disco-ball look. 

I think this palette is a great option for a holiday or weekend trip, where you want the most from your makeup. You’ve got a ton of options with this one, it’s versatile and doesn’t lack in the quality department. I’m excited to welcome it as a staple in my Spring makeup routine! 

Have you tried the Sleek Solstice Palette?

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