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Sali Hughes Pretty Honest Review

I don’t often post about books, probably because I rarely ever read outside of my degree, but really I don’t have an excuse. I remember the days when I used to read every day, and get through a book within a matter of hours. I’m hoping that the summer will help me pick up that habit again, but for now, I’m going to focus on a book that I have managed to get through. My favourite kinds of books are lifestyle books – that’s probably why I spend so much time reading content from other bloggers and enjoying the bite-size nature of blog posts. So when I saw Pretty Honest cropping up on so many different blogs, I purchased it and decided to give it a read myself. 

Firstly, I love the layout of the book. There are so many sections all laid out into specific topics so it’s like reading a series of columns in a magazine or blog posts on a blog, but in book form instead. The topics aren’t categorized, but are random mini segments of beauty advice, tips and tricks. I love the fact that a lot of the book deals with topics often left out of the regular lifestyle books, like managing counter staff and salon etiquette. I found reading it to be like talking to a big sister, as the name suggests – a straight talking beauty companion. The cover is gorgeous too. I purchased the hardback version, but it’s available in paperback with the mirror embossed in gold which also looks very pretty.

The book is scattered with all kinds of witty quotes and pieces of advice from different makeup artists, designers and celebrities which adds some humour. It’s definitely far more words than pictures, and is packed full of new beauty advice that I haven’t read in the countless other lifestyle books I own. Magazines, TV and even blogging can sometimes over complicate beauty, but this book streamlines everything into a compact, chunky book without any fluff. A beauty bible if you will. If you’re after the basics, I’d suggest going for this one. If you’re already well versed in beauty advice and have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, I’d still recommend giving this a read as there are things that you will find new. Whether you will find it as useful as complete beauty beginners would is a maybe. On the whole, I really enjoyed the book and I’m glad I bought it – it will be fun to dip back into every now and again for a light read. 

Have you read Pretty Honest?

What other lifestyle books do you recommend?

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