Eight Beauty Blog Post Ideas

I know the feeling all too well – being stuck in a blogging rut, where everything begins to look the same and nothing seems to inspire anymore. It’s at these times that I look for these sorts of posts to get a little nudge in the right direction – to get back on track with some ‘stock’ post ideas which help overcome the blogging hurdle. So today I thought I’d share some beauty themed posts which I like to fall back on during those times where I’m lacking inspiration (let me know if you’d like a similar post for lifestyle ideas): 

1. A Product Review – I’m always trying new beauty bits and so there’s always something lying around in my makeup draws that I could feature in a post of it’s own. Take a look in your collection and see if any products stick out for a stand alone post.

2. Monthly Favourites – these posts are a classic and also a great way of rounding up lots of good things you’ve been enjoying lately. This style o f post doesn’t have to stop at beauty but it can extend to food and lifestyle favourites too!

3. FOTD –  do you have a particular makeup look that you’re really enjoying lately? Share how you achieve it in a post.

4. Makeup Dupes – I know I’m always on the hunt for an affordable alternative to luxury makeup which get the job done at a fraction of the price! These make for a great blog post, particularly with side by side comparisons of the products.

5. Beauty Hacks – are there any tips/tricks that you’ve learnt through your love of beauty that you’re ready to share? Write them all down in a post! 

6. ‘Top Five’ – if you have a vast collection of makeup, this one is really easy. Pick out your ‘top five’ of a certain category – for example, your top five red lipsticks or drugstore foundations. You can make this sort of post for just about everything in the beauty world and they seem to be really popular amongst readers as well!

7. Makeup Storage Ideas – people store their makeup in so many different ways and it’s so interesting to see how different people do it! I know I’m always looking for new ways to organize my makeup so this sort of post is right up my street.

8. Seasonal Makeup/Skincare Routine – makeup and skincare shifts across the seasons so why not share the products/regime that you’ve been enjoying lately?

Have you got any beauty blog post ideas to share?

What kinds of beauty posts do you enjoy reading?

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