How To Save Money When You’re Beauty Obsessed

There’s nothing quite like walking into a department store and seeing all the beauty counters with their shining new displays… lipsticks waiting to be tested, eyeshadows ready to be swatched. With blogging being my incentive, I find every excuse to get my hands on the new bits that come into stores, from both drugstore and luxury brands – and as much as I love a good beauty haul, it can definitely get very expensive! So today I thought I’d share some of the ways I lessen the pinch – with ways to save a little bit of cash when you’re beauty obsessed:

Loyalty Cards.

Both department stores and drugstores have them and these are one of the best ways to spend and save at the same time. Different stores have different systems, some with points and others with a set percentage off your purchase. I use my Superdrug Beauty Card and Boots Advantage Card religiously every time I shop there – they each collect points with my purchases and I can use these points as money off my next purchase. Even though I don’t live in a country where there’s a Sephora (seriously, the UK are lacking here), I did sign up for a Beauty Insider card. It means that I get free beauty gifts and mini makeovers every time I do visit a country with a store, so well worth it! 


I know that the US is more coupon crazy than the UK which means you’re probably going to be saving a lot more on cosmetics if you live there (lucky you!). However, there are coupons which you can find for certain stores in the UK as well. I like collecting coupons from the back of the Health & Beauty Magazine at Boots, which is free for loyalty card holders. Each copy has about eight to ten coupons which either boost your points, get money off your purchase or offer free products with a purchase – so you definitely get more for your money that way.

Email Subscriptions.

Only do this for the companies that you’re really devoted to otherwise your inbox will be overflowing with promotional emails that you won’t be able to keep on top of. However, subscribing to a few select stores or websites that you shop from means you can stay up to date with the latest deals (as well as the new beauty launches). For instance, I do love a good email from House of Fraser telling me that they have an ‘up to 30% off Beauty Sale’ – it means I can pick up more luxury launches like this, and review them for you! 


Be sure to link up your loyalty cards online as well. If you’re an online shopper like me, this will be more useful than ever – you’ll end up collecting your points without needing to scan your card at a store. Also, take time to check for voucher codes online before checking out with your basket – there are often codes posted by others which can be used to help you save as well. A way to actually make money (I know right? I couldn’t believe it at first either) through your shop is by using sites such as Swagbucks which you give you money back through your purchases at different online stores. All you have to do is shop as you would normally do, and they will give you a certain number of points which you can redeem as gift cards. Genius!


This one is only for students but if you’re a student and you haven’t signed up for Unidays – go do it! It gives you discounts to hundreds of different stores and brands (not just beauty but fashion, technology and food as well) and there are days where the discount is boosted which saves you even more money. I’ve got so used to using my Unidays app whenever I shop that it will definitely feel weird not having it anymore when I leave university next year!

Have you  got any top tips for saving money on beauty?

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