My Latest Mascara Must-Have

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

After watching several YouTube videos (including the one on Charlotte Tilbury’s channel herself), I knew I needed to try this hot new mascara that everyone was raving about. I’m all about buying a mascara that ‘does-it-all’ with extreme length, definition and buildable volume to give a whole lotta lash. This mascara claims to do just that – and from the various reviews and videos I had seen, it looked just perfect. If you’ve read my top five luxury beauty products worth the splurge earlier this month, you would have got a sneak peek of this mascara. It’s SO good that it quickly became a holy grail product for me – in just two weeks! I keep reaching for it over and over again, and I just can’t seem to even look at my other mascaras the same way. 

First up, the packaging is gorgeous in true Tilbury style. It’s a gorgeous shade of rose gold with an illustration of winking eyes down the side of the tube. You get 8mls of product which is standard size for a mascara, for £25. The price point is what pinches a bit – but honestly, I’ve found it’s worth it for what this little gem does. At first look, the brush looks very dense with bristles. I’m usually more of a plastic brush sort of gal but I get along with this wand exceptionally well. You get a lot of product distributed across the bristles which helps coat each lash evenly, achieving a really long voluminous effect. I find that in just two strokes I get a really lovely lengthened lash, the second coat amps it up and the third coat gives serious false lash drama. I love it! 

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

The one thing I would say about this mascara is that the scent is very strong. It smells like hair conditioner, which is fitting with the ingredients being ones to help condition the lashes. This can be both a good thing (you feel like it’s working) and a bad thing (you can still smell it by the end of the day and it is quite strong). So if you’re not a fan of scented products then perhaps sample this first before buying the full size.

The ingredients are gorgeous – marine glycogen to stimulate the growth of each hair follicle, tamanu oil to nourish and strengthen your eyelashes and a special blend of waxes to give the mascara an elastic texture which coats each lash. It claims to achieve 13x more volume which I can’t confirm but I do know that it’s the most voluminous mascara I have ever used. It’s very black and so removing it takes a little patience as well but I find it’s well worth it for the results. All in all, a stand-out product in my makeup collection! 

Have you tried CT Legendary Lashes?

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