The Lorac Pro 2 Palette

The Lorac Pro 2 Palette Review

You might remember my obsession with the Lorac Pro Palette at the end of last year (and believe me, it’s not over – I still love that palette to death). But I’ve since got my hands on a second palette filled with sixteen beautiful shadows, none other than the Lorac Pro 2 (only to hear that the Lorac Pro 3 palette is being released later this month). I literally squealed when I clapped eyes on this. It’s near impossible to get hold of an authentic one in the UK so this had to be shipped all the way from the US which was incredibly expensive with a hefty customs charge, but if you’re in the US already (lucky you), you can get your hands on this very easily at Ulta. 

Lorac have never failed to disappoint in terms of pigmentation and this palette is no exception. The shadows are buttery soft and extremely well pigmented, in a gorgeous array of colours. However, their softness does mean the palette gets just as messy as the original Lorac Pro. There’s quite a bit of product kickoff which hangs around the side of the pans and gets mixed with other shades, so that can be really annoying. I always find myself running a clean tissue between the pans and finding it completely streaked with colour by the time I’m done. However, negative aside, this is a truly beautiful palette, particularly for someone whose after a basic palette which still has some fun options to play with.

The palette is definitely for cool toned shadow lovers, it works especially well with those with blue, green or hazel eyes. Saying that, my eyes are dark brown, and I’ve found this palette just as easy to use and create gorgeous eyeshadow looks. As with the original Lorac Palette, the top row is all matte and the bottom row is packed full of shimmery goodness. I’ve swatched them all for you below:

The Lorac Pro 2 Palette Swatches

The Lorac Pro 2 Palette Swatches

As you can tell, there is an endless possibility of different looks you could come up with. There are your classic neutrals (my favourites being light brown, cool gray, rose and mocha), and then some stunning (and perhaps more fun) options like navy, jade and silver. All in all, I love this palette just as much as the first – and I think if you’re stuck between the two, decide whether you love warmer shadows or cooler shadows. I’ve found that to be the best way in differentiating the two because in terms of performance, they are very much equal.

Have you tried the Lorac Pro 2 Palette?

Who is excited for Lorac Pro 3? (*little squeal*)

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