Four Favourites for Sunkissed Skin

The weather is being annoyingly temperamental these days but that doesn’t mean we can’t fake the glow and have luminous sunkissed skin! In fact, in today’s post, I’ve put together four of my favourites which help me achieve a summer worthy base, perfect for pairing with your favourite makeup look:

The Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser is perfect as a quick and easy way to achieve a radiant and healthy glow both on makeup and no-makeup days. It’s incredibly moisturising and (as the name suggests), it feels super luxurious as it sinks into the skin. It does take a while for my skin to drink it up though so I usually wait about half an hour before applying 
anything else, otherwise I risk slide city all over my face. Side note: it’s also one of the highest SPF facial moisturisers I’ve ever seen from Lush being factor 30. Definitely a bonus, particularly for when the sun does decide to come out.

I mentioned the Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing Primer in my Makeup Musings post earlier this month, and how it makes my skin looks and feels radiant underneath my foundation. It wears beautifully throughout the day and works well for every skin tone. There are two different shades, Pink Glow (which is the one I have) and Peach Glow. I love using this over a well moisturised base and underneath my favourite Nars Sheer Glow for some serious sun kissed luminosity.

For a bit o’ extra glow, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the cult favourite Becca Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector. I’m a huge fan of the shade Moonstone, which I like to either mix in with my foundation or dab a little on over top of it for a bit of creamy highlight. I purchased the smaller travel size version of this product and it’s literally lasting forever so this one is definitely well worth it. They have the same shades in pan versions (which I adore as well), but for the warmer seasons I always find myself opting for lighter, creamier formulas. This most certainly ticks all the right boxes.

Speaking of Becca pans, the one pan product that I’m all about for the summer months is Champagne Pop. I wrote a whole review on this beauty earlier this year, but if you haven’t heard the beauty blogging world raving about this over the past year then where have you been?! It’s  super intense so not for the faint hearted, but totally swoon worthy. 

What are your favourite products for a sunkissed summer glow?

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