August Goals

Eeek – it’s already August! There have been so many things going on lately with it being the middle of summer, so I thought it would be a good idea to sit down and dedicate a post to organizing some goals to achieve by the end of this month. These sorts of posts have been really popular in the past, so let me know if I should make them a monthly feature – but some months are busier than others so that’s why I sometimes leave them out!

1. Savour my last few days of being 20. 
I turn 21 in just over a week, and it feels a bit surreal. It’s like I’m finally realizing that I’m no longer a teenager and that soon enough, I’m going to be dealing with so many more responsibilities after graduation. It’s all a bit daunting really so I want to enjoy the perks of being a student whilst I still can. 

2. Have a seasonal wardrobe evaluation.
Although we are still very much in summer, I like checking my wardrobe from time to time to see if anything needs to be added or taken away. I’m really into wide leg trousers, they’re just so darn flattering with a fitted top tucked in and some super high wedges – I’ll definitely be buying some more of those. Setting this as a goal every few months really helps me feel like I’ve got my life together, in a weird sort of way. If I can handle my wardrobe, I can handle anything… you know what I mean? 

3. Detox and cleanse my body from the inside. 
I know this blog is a lot about beauty from the outside, but I definitely want to do some more posts about feeling good internally too. Although I hate the word ‘diet’, but I’m all for a good cleanse from time to time. I haven’t been particularly healthy throughout the month of July so it’s time for things to change. I’m looking to cut out the processed foods and extra salt/sugar from my diet, particularly for the next few weeks. It’s not that I ate a lot of it to begin with, I just know I’ll feel a whole lot better without it.

4. Complete those two university essays looming over my head like a dark cloud.
I mentioned these in my life update last week. The deadline for these are mid August so I only have half a month to complete this goal. It’s also a fairly big one with both of these totaling 8% of my degree, grrr. University work over the summer is certainly not my idea of a good holiday! It’s also the reason I’m not able to blog every single day of August like I had originally planned. 

5. Organize, pack and prepare for my final year at university.
This one is a big one for me, particularly nearing the end of the month. I love writing up lots of lists for this and organizing everything into big boxes for the move. I leave for my final year at university in the beginning of September so I’m going to use the second half of August to get everything organized, even more efficiently than last year (because now I’ve had practice!). 

What are your goals for August?

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