How To Keep Your Makeup Bag Clean & Organised

Makeup bags are just one of those things that are near impossible to keep clean (for me at least). I remember the days when I’d use the same products day in, day out – and although there’s nothing wrong with that, it meant that I didn’t find myself cleaning out my makeup bag that often! I’m ashamed to even admit it, but I used to throw out makeup bags and buy entirely new ones to save me from having to clean them (they had surpassed the stage where they might have been saved). I’ve noticed that ever since I started making the extra effort to switch up my makeup routine from time to time, I end up taking everything out from my makeup bag to make room for all the lovely new things I want to put back in. This opens up the perfect opportunity to give the bag itself a good clean, as well as the products that come out of it!

1. Go through your whole makeup bag. Tip it all out onto a clean towel and see what you’re actually using and what’s just taking up room. Throw away or donate anything that you’re not using.

2. Of course, check everything is still in date. If so, it’s safe to pass on or keep but if it’s expired then it’s time to say goodbye. Products to keep a close eye on are mascaras, foundations/concealers and lipsticks. Powder formulas tend to last longer than liquid ones. If you find that a product you use and love everyday is near its expiry date, make a note of it on your shopping list to purchase next time you’re out and about.

3. Disinfect everything – including the inside of your makeup bag. You can find cosmetic disinfectant to lightly spray on products such as eyeshadow palettes and hygiene wipes for lipsticks bullets. When it comes to the makeup bag itself, I take a good look each time. If it only needs a little clean, I can do that with a hygiene wipe, but if there have been any spillages or leakages then it’s time to put it in the washing machine. I do this for cotton makeup bags like my Charlotte Tilbury one, but you can always buy PVC makeup bags which are much easier to clean with just a damp cloth for these sorts of situations!

4. Wash all of your brushes. Most brushes don’t come with hygiene caps (the Sephora ones do which is brilliant). Often, bristles are packed really tight and product can get stuck in between the hairs. This means that the brush head is the perfect place to harbor tons of bacteria. Give them a good wash – I usually wash my brushes every week or two with a spot clean before each application, using a spray brush cleanser.

5. Now that everything is clean, put everything back in. I like having a pattern on how I put things into my makeup bag, so that it stays as neat and as organized as possible. I put powders and setting sprays at the bottom and work my way up going backwards from my makeup routine (so foundation is near the top). This makes life so much easier when I’m in a hurry because everything is already in the order of how I like to put them on!

What are your favourite ways to clean and organize your makeup bag?


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