My Top Six Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

It’s time for another guest post! A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Zara, a freelance writer with a passion for all things lifestyle. She’s written lots of content which I’ve really enjoyed reading so I was thrilled when she asked to contribute a post for Her Little Loves. Today she’s sharing her top tips for melt-proof makeup – super useful for the few weeks of warm weather we have left. Enjoy! 

Dealing with summertime makeup can get very
tricky, especially with the hot weather and rising temperatures. Some
products are simply not designed to endure the heat, which may completely ruin
your look. However, you don’t have to worry at all – there are ways to apply your makeup which are super effective at resisting the heat! Here are six useful tips
on how to achieve that:

Prep With
A Primer

A high-quality primer is
essential for melt-proofing your makeup during summer. It won’t
feel like a heavy additional layer, but will make sure that everything is held in place. A pea-sized dot of your favourite primer is definitely the key to
long-lasting makeup. Just make sure that it’s as lightweight as possible –
an oil-free formula will do the trick. Apply it after your moisturizer but
before foundation and concealer, and you’ll see that it really does do wonders!

Creamy Eyeshadows

Creamy eye shadows is your best friend during hot summer
days for one simple reason – they tend to cake less when temperatures go
through the roof. You’ve probably noticed that powdery ones look horrible when
mixed with sweat, so skip those and opt for creamy ones. Eye
shadows that contain silicone may be particularly efficient, since these lock
colour in place and prevent smudging. 

Stick With
Liquid Liner

Even though applying liquid liner to your lids may take time and
practice, the truth is that its formula is much better than the one of a kohl
pencil, especially when it comes to taking the heat. It certainly is less likely to smudge, which is what you’re looking for with summer makeup. A good long-wearing black liquid liner will save the day – try this one by L’Oreal or the Shiseido Automatic Liquid Fine Eyeliner – their formulas are perfect at resisting the summertime heat.

Your Lashes

Make your lashes sweat-proof by opting for a waterproof mascara instead of a regular one. Trust me, it’ll
make your life much easier since it won’t smudge at all – whether you’re at work, in the gym, or swimming at a local pool, it’ll stay put! Some good options are the Lancome Hypnose Mascara  or Maybelline Lash Discovery if you’re on the hunt for a new one.

Heavy Matte Lipsticks

Ditch those heavy matte lipsticks and turn to the latest makeup
trend for this summer – lip stains! These don’t contain as much oil or
emollient as regular lipsticks, which make them much lighter. They’re as long-lasting as matte lipsticks, but they offer a sheer buildable coverage.
If you worry that they’ll dry out your lips, you can always apply your
favourite balm before using a lip stain.

Keep It

Less is definitely more when it comes to summer makeup, which is
exactly why you should forget your regular foundation during the warmer months. Instead, opt for a lightweight tinted moisturiser, which still provides good coverage. However, if you don’t have one at hand, you can always mix your foundation with your favourite moisturiser to make your own! Opting for a high-quality one with SPF, such as 
Moisturising Daily Defence SPF50+ by Asap Skin Care is
always a good idea – it’ll protect your skin from harmful sun-rays, while
looking perfect when mixed with a foundation.

Big thanks to Zara for sharing such fabulous tips!
What are your favourite tips for melt proof makeup this summer?


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