New Beginnings

Life has been so busy lately, I can’t even remember where the summer went! It feels like I wrote up my life update post last week, and here we are, a month later. There have been a few changes and fresh starts going on, both for my blog and outside of it, so I thought it was time to put them all into one post and share them with you. I like the idea of doing this sort of post once a month, but let me know your thoughts on whether you enjoy reading them! 

1. Second year done, one year left to go.

The essays I mentioned in my last life update are completed and submitted which means I get a couple of weeks off before the new term begins. With two years down, and only one year left, I intend to make the most of it! I go back to university next month, which means I’m no longer in my bright, white bedroom in London – this might affect my blog photography a bit, but I’m going to try and prevent it from making too much of a difference. 

2. Experimenting with my blog photography.
I was recently gifted a new Canon DSLR from my parents for my 21st birthday. Of course, I was super excited – but I didn’t really find time to experiment and explore with it until my essays were handed in. If you’ve noticed the sudden change in the quality of my blog photos over the past week, it’s because of the camera! I love it, and I can’t wait to use it for lots of new blog posts to come. 

3. A skin update.
In my Turning 21 post, I mentioned that I’ve had a horrible flare up of cystic acne over the past two or three months. I was on Roaccutane for the latter part of last year and I thought it had solved my acne issues, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. However, I’ve been trialing the Lumie Clear Acne Light for about two weeks now and it seems to be helping – I will keep you updated on this in case any of you are having similar skin troubles. 

4. Refreshing my cooking skills.
With university around the corner, I’m trying not to get too used to mum’s cooking again – I’m going to be cooking for myself again soon. To get me excited for it, I’ve recently purchased a few new recipe books to try out. Madeleine Shaw’s Get The Glow was a real favourite of mine, so I recently picked up her Ready Steady Glow book. I’m dipping into it for some inspiration because I definitely want to do more food related recipe posts up on my blog!

5. 400.
My blog hit 400 followers a few days back and it’s totally made my week. Although numbers are not something I want to ever obsess over, it’s always a nice feeling when you hit a milestone – no matter how big or small. It means a lot that you take the time to follow and read my posts, and some of you are even kind enough to regularly comment your lovely feedback. I’ve decided that when my blog reaches 500, I’d like to do my first ever giveaway, so here’s to onward and upwards!  

What have you been up to lately?
I’d love to know.


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