A Trio Of Blog Posts

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With every post that goes up on my blog, there’s a lot of hard work and effort behind it – and if you’re also a blogger, I know you’ll definitely understand where I’m coming from! With my posting schedule being three times a week, it’s easy for some posts to get buried and forgotten. Paula’s post last week got me thinking about the different ways I could refresh these posts for those of you that perhaps missed them when they initially went up – so today I’ve put together a quick ’roundup’ style post which has links to three of my favourite moments from September: 

Melt In The Mouth Chocolate Chip Cookies

I loved baking these, photographing these and (of course) eating these so this post was definitely a highlight from this month. Let me know if any of you try making them – I’d love to see a picture! 

Five Transitional Autumn Lipsticks

With autumn beginning, I’ve picked out five of my favourite lip options for the season. Of course there’s lots of berry tones and deeper nude tones, from both affordable and luxury brands.

How To Find The Silver Lining

This is probably my most favourite (and most personal) post of the month. September has been harder than I expected and this blog post explains the ways in which I like to stay positive.

I’d love it if you could leave a link to a post that you’re particularly proud of from your blog so that I can have a read too! 


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