Confessions of A Stationery Hoarder


For the final post in my mini back-to-school series, I thought I’d share one of my biggest passions… stationery. I think a lot of us are in the same boat when it comes to getting excited to buy new books and pens when September comes around! It’s just something that never seems to get old. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my top five places to shop for stationery from high street favourites to more luxury stores:

1. Paperchase.

This one is a bit of a no brainer really. I think we all love a bit of Paperchase. It’s mostly quite affordable, with some really cute novelty designs that suits everyone. They stock everything from paperclips to photo albums, and a lot of their products are great to give as gifts as well. 


It’s such a shame that is so difficult to get hold of in the UK. There are some pieces available in TKMaxx or ASOS from time to time but they have a gorgeous website which I’m always looking at and lusting over. If you’re in America though, you’re in luck – this brand is a lot more accessible over there.


3. Kikki K.

A little Kikki K store recently opened near where I live and I was literally squealing when I found out. It’s such an adorable store with so many different bits and pieces – although the downside is that it’s a lot more pricey. If you’re looking to invest in some really high quality, gorgeous looking stationery, it’s definitely the place to go. 

4. Kate Spade.

Again, a really high price tag, but some really pretty office essentials are available. I think John Lewis stock most of the range, as does the website – but I’ve found some bargain pieces on for a fraction of the price in TKMaxx as well. However, there are lots of places (Paperchase being one of them) that stock really similar designs to Kate Spade for more affordable prices.

5. TKMaxx.

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in this post so far but TKMaxx has a brilliant range of stationery from all different brands, big and small. I love going to the home department and browsing through their enormous selection of notebooks and pens and binders… and everything’s just so much more affordable than if you were to buy it from anywhere else.


Where are your favourite places to shop for stationery?


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