Four Fall Blushes (ft. H&M Beauty)

H&M Beauty Blushers

I am so late to the H&M Beauty party. I know that H&M reformulated and repackaged their whole beauty range last year, but I never got round to trying any. I watched and read lots of reviews on the range – and so many bloggers raved about how gorgeous the blushes are. So of course when I was placing an order on H&M last week, I finally picked out a few that looked particularly pretty. 

I feel like autumn is the season where you can be really free with your blush choice. Whether it’s a pop of bright colour to cling onto the summer, or a plummy berry shade to welcome the winter, or even a warm neutral nude shade, autumn embraces it all. With that in mind, I chose four different blush tones to suit each occasion: a pretty peach, a soft natural brown, a creamy hot pink and a vibrant bitten berry.  

H&M Fall Blushers

The shade selection is gorgeous – there’s a colour for everyone. There are three different formulations available (a powder, a cream and a gel-like cream which works as a lip colour too). My favourite is definitely the cream formulation. It’s totally fuss free and works really well with my dry skin, adding a healthy pop of colour with a beautiful seamless finish. I use my fingers to apply it and I find that’s the best way so that it doesn’t apply streaky. The powder formulas are also pretty lovely, though they’re a little bit sheerer than I was hoping. If you work with a denser brush like the Mac 129 blush brush, it’s easier to build up more colour. Lasting powder is also really nice, the cream blush lasted longer than the powder formulations but both looked lovely for a good amount of time.

H&M Fall Blushers

Packaging wise, I mean, aren’t they just the most aesthetically pleasing affordable compacts you’ve ever seen in your life?? They pretty gorgeous, especially the white and gold cream velvet blushes. They each come in gorgeous sleek boxes as well which makes them particularly special as gifts. Don’t expect heavy packaging though – they are really light (and obviously plastic), but this makes them really ideal for travelling. Each blush is priced at £6.99 so very affordable – and a couple of the shades are on sale at the moment for even less.   

Have you tried anything from H&M Beauty?


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