September Goals

As with most months, I’m sharing my monthly goals with you all for my first post of September. Here’s what I’ve got on my to-do list for the next few weeks:

1. Write more.
For an English student, I really don’t write nearly as much as I want to. I do a lot of thinking, and I own a lot of notebooks, but somehow they don’t connect. I really want to build a bridge between the two and write things down, I always find it so therapeutic when I do! I’m also doing two creative writing modules this year so this goal will definitely help when it comes to completing those. 

2. Do a mini back-to-school blog series on my blog.
Starting Monday, I’m prepping and posting three back-to-school themed blog posts for any of you that are starting a new academic year this month! I was thinking about doing something like this for a while – I always love reading them so this year, I’m making a few too. There’s a food post, a beauty post and a lifestyle post (in that order), so stay tuned for all of those. 

3. Get settled into my studio apartment (and potentially blog about it!)
In a couple of weeks, I’m travelling back down to the bottom of England for my final year of university. I’m incredibly nervous to start the most intense academic year of my life – but I’m also really excited. One of the perks of living out for university is always being able to set up your living space in a way which suits you, and the independence. I’m really looking forward to setting up my studio apartment and transforming it into my home for a year. 

4. Discover some new tunes.
I really want to discover some new artists in September. I feel like I’ve got into a bit of a rut lately, and it would be nice to find something new that I enjoy. Seeing as I really only listen to music whilst working out, I’m on the hunt for some upbeat tunes – please leave suggestions in the comments if you have any!

5. Buy some new workout gear.
I have been getting back into working out more and this is definitely a habit I want to keep up when I get back to university. Gym memberships are expensive but there are definitely ways to work out for free, and I think new gym kit will help motivate me to keep at it. 

What are your goals for September?


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