Another Luxe Lip Pick

I was really excited when Tanya Burr first posted a sneak peek of her new Autumn line on her Instagram at the start of September. She’s released a whole range of lipsticks, some face and body illuminators and a new eyeshadow palette. Everything is quite reasonably priced, like the rest of her line, ranging between £6.99-£8.99, but I was most excited about her lipsticks. They look incredibly luxurious, they’re quite weighty and feel like a high end lipstick – the packaging reminds me a lot of the YSL lipstick range. It’s a gold tube with Tanya Burr printed on the side in a beautiful font, and everything about it looks like it belongs in a high end department store.

I chose the shade Pink Cocoa which I think was the most popular shade of the lot as it sold out pretty much immediately. I was really lucky to get my hands on one! It’s the classic dusty pink toned nude, really wearable for everyday and it looks incredibly chic on the lips. It’s the kind of shade that will go with any outfit, so if you’re just buying one shade, I’d go for that one. One thing I would say, is that it’s better to wear the shades with a lipliner as they are really creamy. Without a lipliner, you might be risking the pigment slipping and sliding throughout the day which isn’t so great, especially with the darker shades.

I only bought one shade so that I could test out the formula, but now that I have, I will definitely be purchasing more. I have my eye on Big Kiss, which is a beautiful, bold red. All in all, I do recommend the lipstick range from Tanya Burr, and I will keep you posted on the new bits from her range which I plan to purchase soon.

Have you tried the new Autumn Collection from Tanya Burr?


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