Six Lessons Learnt From One Year of Blogging

I wrote a post a few months ago sharing six lessons I’ve learnt from blogging and that went down really well so now that I’m approaching my blog’s one year anniversary, I thought I’d write up another. 

1. There is no such thing as perfect. 

Striving for perfection isn’t always a bad thing, but it shouldn’t take over your life. I’ve seen my progress over the past year, but I’m still no where near where I want to be. But I’m getting there, and it’s important to appreciate how far you’ve come before looking at how far you still have to go.

2. It’s OK to take breaks.

When I started blogging, I made up the schedule of posting at 7am, three times a week. I became anxious because sometimes I’d be stuck for inspiration and clutching at straws for ideas but they simply weren’t coming. Thankfully, those periods didn’t last long and I was on the blogging bandwagon again without much worry. But, saying that, I know if I ever experience writers block again, its OK for me to take a break. Everyone isn’t going to leave you if you miss a post or two!

3. Numbers are not everything.

It can be so easy to get obsessive over numbers but I try not to think about it too much. It’s lovely to see when someone has taken the time to read your post, leave a comment and liked your content enough to want more. But the process of writing and preparing my posts is a huge part of why I blog – so numbers aren’t something to worry about too much.

4. The blogging community is a lovely one.

I’ve only been blogging for a year and I’ve already encountered such wonderful fellow bloggers who are incredibly kind and lovely. I feel so lucky to be part of such a diverse community, it’s definitely a big perk to blogging!

5. Props make all the difference.

I wrote a post with some prop ideas last week and that went down really well. I think it’s kind of become common knowledge between bloggers but adding props just adds that bit of extra effort to your photographs – and it’s not hard to do at all.

6. Blogging opens up a lot of opportunities.
I honestly thought that a blogger would need thousands and thousands of followers before a brand or company would even think about reaching out to them. This is absolutely untrue – I think I only had about 100 followers when I had my first opportunity to work with a brand. And it’s not all about free stuff, there’s a lot to learn from these opportunities that come up. I know I want to go into PR in the future so having my blog helps build up my experience with the PR sector too.

There’s lots more to learn, I’m sure!

Let me know if you’d like to see these sorts of posts more often.


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