Ten Blog Photography Prop Ideas

It’s so easy to get stuck for ideas when taking photos for blog posts, and one of the easiest ways to liven them up is by using props. I love pictures to look a little ‘busy’ but not excessively so, so that’s the kind of look that I aim for with my own photographs. In all honesty, we’re all learning – I’m no where near where I want my photographs to be, but I’m happier with them than I was a few months ago and that’s a start! Today I thought I’d share some of the props that I reach for during a blog shoot to add a little character to my photographs – a lot of these are more ‘beauty’ focused with my blog being all about beauty and lifestyle:

Makeup brushes – the prettier the better, and Zoeva and Spectrum have a beautiful selection. I like scattering these around the products I’m talking about, particularly eyeshadow palettes. 

Lipsticks – obviously, with my blog being primarily focused on beauty and lifestyle, I love me a good lipstick prop. The one above is a new favourite of mine from Tanya Burr.

Eyelash Curlers – a bit of an unusual one but I use them everyday so it makes perfect sense for them to feature in so many of my posts!

Rings – or any jewellery for that matter. A little metallic touch always makes a photograph a bit more special.

Washi Tape – this is more of a universal prop, and it comes in so handy when I’m creating a stock library of photographs. You can get all sorts of colours and patterns, Paperchase and eBay usually have a good selection.

Trays – little dishes and trinket trays can add some more dimension to your photographs as they stand out from the background. I like finding mine at H&M Home.

Hair Grips – again, this one is a little stranger but these are perfect for ‘filling in’ a gaping white space and that’s usually what I opt for when a section of the photograph needs something extra.

Flowers/Cacti – this is a really common prop for a reason: it adds a little nature to a photograph, can be switched around depending on the season and there’s hardly anyone that doesn’t think they look beautiful. Win, win.

Clothing – if you have any interesting textures and fabrics in your closet then they’re really useful for adding into your blog photographs! Here’s a post where I used a plain ribbed grey top to add a bit more texture to my photographs.

Candles – another basic blogger prop but they’re (again) so universal and so pretty! Whether you’re using an empty candle jar to display makeup brushes, or you have a fresh one lit, they work as the perfect prop for so many posts.

I use a lot more props so let me know if you’d like a part two!

What are your favourite props for blog photography?


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