Clean Eating Alice: The Body Bible

One of my October Goals last month was to get more creative in the kitchen and prepare some more food related posts to go up on my blog – and I’ve definitely been trying, I have lots of different ideas written down. One of the ways I like to find inspiration is through cookery books, and especially clean eating, healthy living cookery books that inspire a happy, healthy way of life without compromising the delicious part! Clean Eating Alice is just that – Alice is an incredibly inspiring person, and her book conveys this beautifully. I’ve been following her Instagram account for a while, and all of her posts make me want to live healthier and make more wholesome life choices when it comes to my diet and fitness. The fact that she’s focused on fitness rather than weight-loss is also incredibly inspiring. 

Her book was released late last year and it’s been on my wishlist for a while. I finally bought it earlier this month and I’m so glad I did. It’s got everything you need to kickstart a healthier way of living, from exercise routines, to inspirational pep talks and a wealth of knowledge on clean eating. The recipes are versatile and there’s a bit of everything… I literally cannot fault it. The one thing I wish this book had was more recipes, but I know that Alice is releasing a whole new book in December so that will be on my wishlist as soon as it comes out! 

The book is really focused on the hard work behind improving your lifestyle. It emphasizes the importance on consistency and that healthy living is not a one day, one week or even one year thing. It requires upkeep and a change of mindset, and the book acts as a guide in order to help you achieve this. Saying that, it’s bursting with positivity, motivation and beautiful photographs to keep you inspired whenever you open the book. 

I really recommend getting your hands on it if you’re after something that will push you towards making healthier choices for a happier you. 


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