Four Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

After blogging for a whole year now, I’ve been trying to find new ways of promoting my blog and all the content on it. Of course, social media is a big help, and I’m slowly getting to grips with apps that I’ve never really known how to use. But all of this recently got me thinking of other ways I could spread the word about Her Little Loves. The old-fashioned ways if you will, the ways that people used before social media was around! They can still be just as effective and there are some beautiful websites that can help you design and create customized promotions for your blog. In today’s post, I’m going to share four things I’ve done recently to help promote my blog:

1. Business cards.

These have been popular for years and they’re still just as popular now. I designed a card online and got a couple of hundred printed. I keep a little business card holder in my bag everywhere I go in case the opportunity to hand them out arises. I designed my cards on Vistaprint – they are such high quality and the customer service is excellent.

2. Your phone case.

I’ve talked about customizing your phone case before, but getting a phone case designed specifically about your blog is a great way to inadvertently promote it. Think of the number of times your phone is out and the number of people that see the case – if you have a nice logo and your website URL, it does spread the word! CaseApp* are a great place to start if you’re looking for excellent quality cases at affordable prices – and I have a discount code for you too: LITTLELOVESCASE20 will get you 20% off at the checkout. 

3. Stickers.
This might seem like an odd one but I was recently able to try StickerApp* and get some customized stickers made. They have an amazing selection of their own designs too, but this website is perfect for designing some stickers that coincide with your logo/brand. I like to use mine whilst packaging items that I’ve sold on eBay – it adds that extra special touch, whilst also promoting your blog. 

4. Email Signatures.
I guess, strictly speaking, this isn’t offline. But it’s definitely a great way to promote your content. If you send a lot of emails, adding a little signature with a link to your blog will help drive traffic as well, so it’s always worth doing.  

 How do you like to promote your blog?


*PR samples from StickerApp

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