Lush Christmas Picks

Ok, so I realize that I have posted several hauls up in the past week but I think it’s all the festivity that’s getting to me! All the Christmas displays are up and so many brands have launched their new festive ranges – so of course, I’m so desperate to try everything. I popped into my local LUSH last week and had a look at their treats for Christmas. I wanted to get one of all they had on their shelves but I controlled myself…sort of. Here’s what I picked up: 

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar
This is the cutest little wand I think I’ve ever seen. It’s bright pink and covered in silver glitter, super pretty to look at and it actually makes your bathwater magical. Lots of bubbles – and everything smells like candyfloss!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This is the infamous bubblegum pear-drop scent that LUSH bring out every Christmas. It leaves a gorgeous lustre on your skin – I’m all about that with these products as you’ll soon see! This is also hot pink in the bottle which makes it extra fun to use.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
I’ve never really used a body conditioner before but the idea of this product is to use in place of a moisturizer straight after shower gel – and then you wash it off. It leaves your skin incredibly soft and moisturized, and you’ll smell like sweets afterwards! 

Father Christmas Bath Bomb
This is a colourful one – it fizzes red and white and pink and green… all the colours of Christmas in a bathtub. It smells just like the Snow Fairy duo, very sweet and sugary, so if you have a sweet-tooth this is definitely a must have.

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
I was really excited about this product as soon as I sampled a little on my arm. It’s literally sugar for your skin and it leaves the most iridescent pink shimmery goodness all over. I know I’ll be covering myself head to toe as soon as December draws nearer!

Have you tried anything from the LUSH Christmas range? 


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