My First Ever Colourpop Haul

Colourpop has been all over the beauty blogging world for the past couple of years and for good reason – they offer such affordable makeup without compromising the quality. I recently picked out a few different bits and pieces that I wanted to try – and now that they’re delivered, I thought it would be best to dedicate a post with lots of swatches and initial thoughts for you all. Let me start with the fact that I’m really impressed. Everything about the company is incredibly fun – from its colourful and uplifting branding, to the pigmentation and variety of choices, and even the fact that it’s cruelty free becomes an added bonus. Of course, with every product there’s a different formula which means a different opinion on each piece but as a whole, I will definitely  be ordering again because I’m totally in love.

Bumble (Ultra Matte Lip) – a deep, dusty terracotta with a comfortable matte finish. I do already own one other ultra matte lip in the shade Bad Habit which is less comfortable, so I think the formula varies from shade to shade. 

Echo Park (Ultra Satin Lip) – a warm, peach toned nude which has a slight sheen when dried. Reminds me a lot of MAC’s Velvet Teddy but in a liquid version.

Frick N’ Frack (Ultra Satin Lip) – another beautiful rosy terracotta shade but this one is a lot deeper than Bumble. It also doesn’t dry completely matte (as the formula would suggest). 

Lumiere (Lippie Stix) – one of the most unusual shades I’ve ever tried. It’s a lilac pink mauve shade that is actually incredibly wearable. The formula is easy to apply too and is a matte finish.

Brink (Lippie Stix) – my favourite lip product from this entire haul. This is my perfect, everyday dusty taupe shade. Very much the 90s brown toned nude that I love so much.

Clique (Lippie Stix) – the brightest, most electric orange red EVER. Seriously, your lips will pop! A beautiful soft, matte finish as well but this one is definitely not for the faint hearted. 

Aquarius (Lippie Pencil) – a creamy pink toned nude. Again, incredibly wearable (like most of the ones I’ve mentioned!). This one did seem to wear off quite quick but I didn’t wear it with a lipliner. 

Dopey (Lippie Pencil) – this is the perfect lipliner for any nude lip look. I think I need to pick up this shade in the liquid lipstick formula too because it’s such a gorgeous brown mauve.

Moving onto eyes: Colourpop have an amazing selection of gel liners and super shock shadows so I just had to pick a few. They’re definitely some of the best in terms of pigmentation in my whole collection – not to mention that the packaging is just so adorable! 

Zulu (Creme Gel Liner) – a beautiful sea green which will make brown eyes pop. Such a gorgeous way to add a hint of colour to your lash line, super creamy and pigmented.

Get Paid (Creme Gel Liner) – a soft, metallic gold. This one is great for inner corners or the lower lash line to add some sparkle. Lots of pigmentation in this shade too.

Weenie (Super Shock Shadow) – if you love rose gold, you need this shade in your life! These shadows are ridiculously soft and blendable, easy to work with and they pack a lot of pigment into such a cute pot.

Game Face (Super Shock Shadow) – a bright, sparkling copper with an intense metallic, almost glitter finish. This one is really pretty if you like adding warm tones to your eyelid crease. 

Amaze (Super Shock Shadow) – sort of like Weenie but more glittery. It’s a beautiful rose gold which wears beautifully throughout the day.  

Too Shy (Super Shock Shadow) – the most adventurous shade – I had to try at least one of the colourful ones! This one is a beautiful neon cobalt blue. I thought it would be perfect for adding a pop of colour to my lash line.

KathleenLights (Super Shock Shadow) – a pearlized golden shadow, slightly softer than the rest. Really wearable as an everyday lid shade for a little sparkle, with lots of mascara.

Have you tried anything from Colourpop?


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