My Winter Evening Routine

It’s definitely that time of year where I love to take my evenings and spend them indoors, pampering myself and snuggling up in bed. I guess I could have called this post a cosy night in – it certainly involves a lot of cushions and blankets! Here are five things that I like to do on an evening indoors when it’s cold:   

Bubble Bath.
I recently went on a trip to Lush and I posted everything I picked up in a haul last week which I’ll link here. Needless to say, their Christmas range is incredible if you’re looking for good bubble bath. I’m a huge fan of the Santa Claus bath bomb which makes the bathwater turn all the colours of Christmas, so I’d highly recommend that one.   


I get so excited every week when it’s time to paint my nails a new colour, especially during fall – is that sad? I don’t know, but it’s such a great way to relax! I like to do mine after I’ve showered or had a pamper session in the bubble bath because then I can sit down comfortably with a good show on Netflix and paint away.

I made a vow that I would pick up reading outside of my degree again and I’ve been trying my best to stick to it! One of the best ways to enjoy a cosy night indoors is to snuggle up in bed with a good book. If you’re looking for a new page turner – I’ve recently been reading Trace This Scar by Jessikah Hope Stenson and I highly recommend it. It’s the perfect read for anyone who is into murder mystery based thrillers – and it’s very difficult to put down once you’ve started!

Hot Chocolate.
A warm drink is so relaxing and the perfect way add something sweet and edible to the evening – especially if you’ve been smelling sweets for an hour in a LUSH filled bubble bath! My favourite is definitely Dark & Smoky Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate – it’s decadent, super indulgent and seriously delicious with lots of mini marshmallows on a cosy night in. I’ll have the recipe going up soon so you can try it too.  

Having a cosy bed space is possibly the most important part of a relaxing evening for me. I love to dress my bed up in soft linens and pile up lots of cushions to snuggle into. I’ve seen beautiful festive bed ranges everywhere recently – from huge displays at M&S and Asda, to gorgeous (yet incredibly affordable) pieces at Dunelm and Yorkshire Linens*. Cushions are one of my favourite things to buy when it comes to home decor, so I can’t wait to switch up my bed with some festive ones for the season!

What are your favourite ways to enjoy a cosy night in?


*this post is in collaboration with Yorkshire Linens.

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