A Last Minute D.I.Y. Gift Idea

I’ve definitely been in situations where I’m in need of a last minute gift and there’s nothing quite like making a personal one! There are loads of ideas out there but I thought I’d experiment with a D.I.Y. trick that’s been going round on social media quite a lot over the past year – marbled ceramics. This is such a quick and easy gift idea that requires minimal effort but looks really beautiful. What makes it even better is that you don’t need anything fancy – just a plain white mug, a deep bowl of warm water, some brightly coloured nail varnishes and a cocktail stick. 

Fill the bowl with warm water and pour in a few drops of nail varnish onto the surface of the water. Allow the colour to spread before swirling the toothpick through it. If you’d like a two-toned effect, add some drops of a different colour into the centre of the first shade. Swirl this onto the surface so you have a marbled effect in the water. Dip your mug into the water, not allowing water to enter the mug and keeping the colour on the outside. You need to do this all really quickly to avoid a film forming on the water. Set aside to dry. 

I thought it would be fun to add an even more glitzy personalized twist, so I used some gold glitter stickers to spell out names – and to make sure they stick, I went over them with a gel based clear varnish. I then filled mine up with some gourmet fudge, but you can pop anything in them, from beauty bits, to sweets or even some fluffy socks!

Let me know if you make your own marbled mugs!
 I’d love to see pictures.


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