How To Handle Holiday Stress

This time of year can be really fun, but also incredibly stressful for people all round. Whether it be hosting, attending, travelling, buying presents, planning… there’s so much that goes on and December is definitely a busy month for a lot of us. I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a blog post to share some stress busting tips I like to follow, particularly over the next few days.

1. Take a breath.

This one is cliche but overlooked. There have been so many occasions where just taking a moment for a deep breath has helped half my anxiety. There’s also taking more than a breath, such as taking ten minutes to meditate, or listen to a quick podcast, or maybe some calming music. Giving your mind a chance to reset can really help ease holiday stress and anxiety, so it’s very important to do this regularly. 

2. Prioritize your to-do list. 

This one is really important if you have lots of things to do and need to figure out an order in which to do them. Keep the most important stuff at the top because you’ll feel much better once you’ve tackled the big things – and that way, you’ll breeze through the rest. 

3. Do something you enjoy.

I love wrapping presents. I find it incredibly therapeutic and (even though it’s still something I find myself doing a lot this time of year), I actually enjoy it! Same goes for writing cards. Find something on your list that needs to get done, that you enjoy doing, and do that. It will put you in a positive mood and you can handle the things you don’t enjoy doing so much with a bit more ease.

4. Take it outside.
It might be winter but that doesn’t always mean snuggling up indoors. The outdoors can be a great way to deal with stress in general, but I find it’s especially refreshing during the winter when just a brisk walk in the chill can completely refresh your thoughts and re-navigate them towards positivity. There’s also lots to do outside with it being the festive season, but if Christmas shops and markets are too crowded, a walk in the park might just do the trick in boosting your mood.

5. Keep an eye on the positive.

It’s so important to recognize your work. That’s why I love list making, because I can look back on it and see what I’ve checked off. It gives me a sense of achievement and boosts my productivity throughout the day. List even the small things and celebrate every accomplishment because it makes the trickier stuff a lot easier to handle.

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxed Christmas!


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