January Loves

Quite a few favourites to mention this month so I’ll just get straight into it! 

I mentioned how impressed I was with No. 7 skincare last week in this post – and I stand by how much I love the No. 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream and Night Cream. They’re both fantastic budget friendly moisturizers and they’re available in formulas suited to every skin type from oily, to acne prone, to very dry so there is something for everyone. The packaging is super luxe too, which looks lovely on my bathroom shelf.

My favourite makeup product of the month has to go to the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. It’s been on my face every day I’ve worn makeup without fail and it really helps my makeup last whilst giving my complexion an overall glow boost. I’ve been struggling with my skin a lot lately and this really has helped. I can’t wait for my face to clear up so that this product looks even better!

Another makeup favourite this month has been the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize in Jean. It’s a beautiful champagne cream shadow which just works well with any makeup look. I love how quick and effortless it is to apply – it really helps when you’re trying to get your makeup done fast! The formula is brilliant, it’s long lasting and doesn’t crease – and of course the packaging is beautiful. I mean, it’s from the Charlotte Tilbury, the queen of pretty packaging. 

I have a fragrance favourite this month, and I’m excited because I don’t often talk about fragrance on my blog. I have a select few that I like so I’m always incredibly happy when I find a new favourite to add to my collection! It’s the Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne – I love how fresh and invigorating the scent is. It smells crisp and delicious, a little fruity and a little floral, just perfect. I’m not the best at describing scents but this is beautiful… I don’t see how anyone couldn’t like it.

A couple of home favourites were also on my list this month. Starting off with candles – I’ve been burning so many, but the Diptyque Baies Candle has to be my favourite! I hadn’t smelt it before but I’m so glad I bought it, it’s a beautiful scent that makes my room feel so cosy and inviting. I love lighting it in the evenings, the scent really throws itself about the room and it’s beautiful. I’m now beginning to get worried about it finishing too quickly (I’m already halfway down!).

My other home favourite is this Primark Gold Geometric Throw which I picked up at the start of January. It looks super Pinterest worthy and it’s incredibly soft… the ideal display throw for the end of my bed. Quality wise, it’s not the best of the best but then again, it was only £11 so I can’t complain. It looks beautiful in blog photos too, adding a little bit of metallic and texture to a photo.

One film favourite and of course, it’s La La Land. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been tweeting about it a lot because I’m utterly obsessed with the soundtrack and I can’t stop listening to it/humming it/even singing it on occasion. A beautiful musical movie that is executed perfectly – and a definite must see if you’re into all that. It’s definitely on my list of all time favourite movies, and it’s more than worthy of every single award it has won. 

What have you loved this month?


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