Staying Motivated Beyond January

With January being the month of resolutions, I think it’s even more important to discuss the ways we can stay motivated to keep the goals that we set ourselves. Seeing as we’re nearing the end of the month now, and it’s possible that the new year kick has dwindled, I thought I’d write up a post with some of the ways I’m planning to stay motivated in the months to come. I hope you find them useful – let me know in the comments!

1. Set aside mini goals on the first of each month.

I always find that setting aside some smaller goals at the start of each month really helps me review my progress and feel a sense of achievement that keeps me going. They work as stepping stones towards the bigger goals that I set myself each year. It’s important to keep these smaller goals attainable so that you can measure your progress – I wrote a whole post on how to do this earlier in January which I’ll link here.

2. Create an environment that inspires you.

This is different from person to person because we’re all inspired by different things. Pinterest is such a great resource for some online inspiration, but the way you feel scrolling through your different boards can be translated into your life! I know I feel so inspired when I’ve looked at pretty pictures or beautifully scripted quotes (you can follow me here), but it’s so much better to have these things surrounding me all the time – or better, to be working in them. So making your space an inspirational one is important when you’re looking to stay on track with your goals. 

3. Eliminate negative energy.
Whilst creating a space that inspires positivity and drives your motivation, it’s also super important to cut out any negativity around you. It could be anything from people who bring down your mood and /or put you down, to something as simple as the colour of the walls. Getting rid of the uninspiring parts of your life will create more room for your to focus your energy on the good stuff – and that will automatically keep your more motivated and happy at the same time! 

4. Buddy up.
Having someone you trust to encourage you is another brilliant way to stay motivated in achieving what you’ve set out to do. It’s important to find the right person for this job though – they mustn’t be too soft and let you slip off track, but they mustn’t be too hard on you either! They should be the kind of person you can ring up or visit whenever you’re feeling unmotivated to keep going, like a backup supply of energy on the days when you’re all out.

5. Take a break now and again.
Remember that it’s ok to take a step back and rest from time to time. Lots of us have the tendency to set our goals so high and then feel disheartened when it takes us longer to achieve them. It’s perfectly normal to take a step back, re-evaluate the situation and rest before getting back on track. You will almost certainly feel more inspired and positive about the journey towards your goals if you remember to do this!  

How do you like to stay motivated throughout the year?


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