How I Take Photos For Instagram

I’ve been really hesitant to put a post like this up because I’m far from a professional when it comes to blog photography. However, I’ve had several questions about how I take and edit my photos recently so I thought I would finally sit down and share some ideas:

I only take photographs when there is good lighting.

Like many other bloggers, I like to keep my feed as bright as possible which means only taking pictures when there’s enough light to keep the photos looking natural and airy. To help with this I often use my reflector which diffuses light across the image and reduces the amount of shadow picked up by the camera. 

I edit, but as little as possible.

One of the best things about Instagram is the wide selection of edits you can apply to a photo before posting it. However, when I’m editing my photos, I tend to stick to the same filter (if any), and the same tweaks, so that they work with the rest of my feed. I like to keep everything looking as bright as possible, but also as natural as possible, so the brightness and contrast are taking up only a little. I like to sharpen the image and occasionally turn down the warmth so that any yellow tones are cancelled out. That’s usually it!

I like to try out different ways to style the same photo. 
By this, I mean rearranging props and experimenting with them on different backgrounds and colours. Sometimes one particular shade of lipstick won’t work in a photo so I switch it out for another. Or on the other hand, a photo might be missing a pop of colour, in which case I’ll add some flowers or a pretty book cover. It’s all about working with what you have and figuring out a way to arrange them that compliments your photo. If you’d like a more detailed post on flatlays and blog post images, with my top tips for styling them, let me know in the comments. Again, I’m not an expert, but I’ve definitely picked up a few useful habits along the way which I’d be happy to share!

I try to stick to a colour theme within the photo. 
This usually helps tie the image together so that nothing oddly sticks out. I choose the focus of the image to be the colour I opt for and then choose to build around that. For instance, when I was photographing a cup of coffee for my Ways To Unwind post, the main colour was gold on the coffee cup. This meant that I stuck to gold accented and neutral props so that the photo tied together and looked organized.

I use UNUM before uploading a photo.
I downloaded this app back in January and it has totally changed my Instagram game. It’s an app that allows you to pop pictures onto your Instagram account page without uploading them so that you can see how they would look on your feed. It really helps keep your feed looking polished, especially when you want to figure out how to organize your photos in a way that looks neat and pretty. Also – it’s free! 

How do you style your Instagram photos?


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