How To Keep Your Makeup Collection Organized

With an ever-growing makeup collection, it can sometimes become quite a challenge to keep on top of it all and make sure that everything stays organised. It’s so easy to store makeup away and then forget about it, and only rediscover it again when it’s well past expiration date! I used to only have a handful of makeup products which I kept in a little gold glittery makeup bag as a teenager, but for the past few years my collection has grown vastly. This meant I had to figure out a system which helped keep all my makeup tidy but still used – I didn’t want anything to be forgotten or left behind. It’s taken a while to get there but I think I’ve finally got it, and I’ve worked out a way to keep products on rotation and easy to find. I thought I’d share some of my top tips for organizing your makeup collection in this post:

Invest in good storage.

Whether it’s acrylic containers or wooden drawers, a good quality and sturdy storage system really helps when organizing a larger collection of makeup. I like to use storage with some sort of dividing system so that I can separate products by category, and then further divisions so I can line them up by colour, brand or formula. 

Befriend a label maker.

These are so incredibly useful, especially if your collection is overwhelming at times. Having a consistent way of marking up the drawers or boxes which separate your products keeps things looking clean and tidy, whilst also speeding up the process of finding particular products or shades. For instance, labeling a drawer by the products inside it or the back of a Z Palette with the shade names of each pan depotted into it. It just makes locating what you’re looking for a lot easier, trust me!

Have an ‘everyday’ makeup station.

I like to keep a couple of smaller acrylic drawers filled with products that I rotate regularly so that I’m getting good use out of everything I’ve bought. There’s a bit of everything in this little station, a bit like a makeup bag on display. I usually store a couple of different blush options, a selection of single eyeshadows and a handful of lipsticks which I’ve been reaching for most at the time – these are the products that I switch up most during the week so that’s what I like to keep on hand. 

Use jars for storing brushes.

Lots of the brush sets I buy come in pouches which I do still keep (they are useful for travelling), but I prefer having all of my brushes, no matter what brand they’re from, all in the same place. This is where jars and pots are really useful, they store brushes upright and together whilst also looking really pretty. I love to upcycle candle jars which I’ve dedicated a whole post to here. If that’s not up your street, there are lovely tumblers and pots you can find at all different price points – some of my favourites are from H&M Home and Anthropologie.

Throw out anything you don’t reach for.

A simple rule of thumb that I use is: if I haven’t reached for it in over six months, it needs to go. That keeps my makeup collection as tidy as possible with only the products that I actually enjoy using. It also keeps room open for lots of new beauty bits that I want to try (added bonus!).

What are your top tips for keeping your makeup organized?


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