Five Blogging Hacks

I was having a good think over the past week of what to post today when I thought I should do a blogging related post. I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now and I’ve definitely picked up a few tricks and good habits along the way. I thought I’d share a few of them today – they vary from photography, to writing, to organizing – I hope you find them useful! 

1. Keep a stock photography folder.

I always keep a folder full of my own stock images taken during blog photography shoots just in case I’m ever in the situation where I want to write a post but I can’t take any photography for it. Usually these images are ones that would work for multiple different blog post content, maybe with a lipstick or two or a coffee and some books. Having some bright, beautiful – but neutral – backup images can really help on days when taking photographs is just not an option.

2. Have a ‘blog ideas’ list on hand.

Mine is more of a journal. I like to keep separate sections for different post ideas, whether it’s lifestyle, beauty, blogging, health, food… I even have ones for Blogmas! I like to keep my blog as organized as possible so that it remains a hobby and doesn’t become stressful. That’s another thing – the minute blogging becomes a cause for anxiety, I like to take a step back. I always want it to be something I enjoy, and so keeping a bank full of ideas for when I want to write but I’m lacking inspiration has been a really useful habit for me.

3. Keep the packaging of pretty products.

When pretty makeup products run out (its often a sad day), I like to keep the packaging in my blog prop drawer. This works really well with compacts and lipstick tubes, when you want to add an extra prop to an image. The more props you have, the better variety for your images – so keeping everything, even when it runs out, really helps. This is especially true for limited edition products, when you can’t just run out and grab another one!

4. Stay true to yourself.

We all know that it’s so easy to compare yourself with other bloggers, to the point where blogging becomes less fun. There are definitely tips that I pick up from my favourite bloggers but I try my best never to compare. Lots of them have had years more experience than me, and I can see the progress I’ve made in the short time I’ve been doing it. I know I’ll get to a point where I’m thrilled with my blog at some point, even if it’s not just yet. I’m working on it, as well as enjoying the process – and that’s what is important. Your blog becomes so much more special when it reflects you.

5. Have a schedule.

I’ve been posting three times a week ever since I started blogging but there have been times where it’s got difficult. I’ve managed to pull through but usually I’m not thrilled with the content when I’m under pressure to get it posted (as would be expected). I’ve been wondering whether to go down to twice a week, and I may or may not do it, but what I do know is that a schedule helps me stay on top of posting. If I have an organised schedule, I can plan my posts around that weeks in advance and have it all in front of me. It’s definitely something I recommend!

What are your favourite blogging hacks?


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